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WR Kasen Williams says QB Cyler Miles 'gives receivers opportunities'

Here's what senior receiver Kasen Williams said earlier today about third-year sophomore quarterback Cyler Miles, and what he might bring the Huskies' offense in his second career start on Saturday against Eastern Washington.

(On Cyler Miles) “He gives the receivers opportunities. He gives the receivers chances. There are sometimes where it may seem like we’re covered, but if you just throw a competitive ball, a 50-50 ball, who’s going to come down with it? Those are the balls that I like the most because it gives you a chance to really separate yourself and make those catches that you want your quarterback to trust you to make. So with that being said, I think that’s going to be real key, because we’re not going to get open every single time, but I guarantee if you put the ball in the air, we’re going to come down with it 90 percent.”

(More on Miles at practice this week) “Very well. Just practicing harder, always in the film room and talking to the receivers about coverages and certain things that they do and stuff like that.”

(Something about the way Miles throws the ball?) “Compared to Jeff, Jeff’s ball is a lot harder and a lot tighter than Cyler’s is. But Cyler’s ball is in the air for a little bit longer, so he throws it with anticipation, and with that being said, it’s easier for us to really see the ball all the way in, and it comes in softer so it’s easier to catch. Me, as long as he throws it to me, it’s all good. We’ll figure the rest out later.”

(Thoughts on first game against Hawaii?) “It was about what I expected. I was hoping to break a few tackles a little bit, but that just comes with repetition. So expect that from me this game. It feels good. The season preparation as far as week by week I think is perfect for my foot, because Thursdays and Fridays are lighter days for me. So this is our last real work day, and from there it’s just a lot of rehab and maintenance on the foot, and by Saturday it’s ready to go.”

(What can Miles change or improve from the first game?) “I think he can change a lot of that … Credit to Jeff, he went down to Hawaii and got himself a victory, and he did everything he was supposed to. But Cyler has that game experience. He’s been on the road before. He’s been at home before. He knows what to do in games. With that being said, I think there’s a lot of times … sometimes Jeff missed a few receivers when they were open, and Cyler will find those receivers. And on top of that, Cyler has a scrambling effect to him as well.”

(How good is Miles as a runner?) “Sky’s the limit, honestly. We’ve seen him rush and how fast he can get out and the things that he can do with the ball in his hands. With that being said, you’re going to see that on Saturday, and on top of that, just with him scrambling and us as receivers working for him to get open, he’s a lot more patient with that, too.”