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Cyler Miles says leadership is 'something I've tried to pride myself on'

Huskies quarterback Cyler Miles spoke with reporters today for just the fourth time since practices began in August. Here's what he said about being named a team captain for the Illinois game, his emphasis on leadership and his evaluation of the offense so far.

(On Illinois game) “I thought it went decent. I thought we were able to throw the ball a little bit better. I thought the o-line played great, both in the run game and pass protection. I thought the defense really stepped up, big improvement from last week. I thought we were pretty good as a team. But week to week, we’ve just got to get better from here on.”

(On John Ross) “He’s a great addition to the offense. Speed guy. And I’m very lucky to have him out there running deep for me. The corner and the safeties better get runnin’, or else we’re going deep.”

(On letting him just run under the ball) “… He does a great job of running under pretty much any throw you put out there. For us as quarterbacks, we’re very lucky to have a guy like that.”

(Not as many intermediate routes?) “It’s coming. All I can do is execute the play that’s called and I’m sure it’s coming.”

(Coaches yell at you for fumbling?) “Yeah, I got a little bit of it when I fumbled. I need to tuck it.”

(On fixing that) “I need to work on it every day. As far back as I can remember, 7 years old, I was always kind of running around with the ball out. It’s something I need to work on, just like everybody else has something they need to work on. It’s just a daily process of just muscle memory, just continuing to tuck it and eventually, hopefully it will become habit.”

(On being expected to win big this weekend) “I think Georgia State is a sleeper. Watching them on film for a couple days now. They’re a good team. They hustle to the ball. They create turnovers. But we’re approaching this game, honestly, like any other game. We don’t look at it as an easy game or this is a hard game, or this is an average game. Every game’s the same. The preparation is the exact same, so nothing changes.”

(On being named a game captain) “It meant a lot, just kind of the progress I’ve made and kind of where I was at half-a-year from now and where I’m at now. It meant a lot to me that Coach Pete named me one of the captains. I’m trying to continue to improve on my leadership in that aspect.”

(Do you think teammates look at you differently now?) “I’m not sure. You’d have to ask them. But I definitely know that I am going to continue to work on my leadership, being that example for guys and being that positive guy on the field and off.”

(In what ways does that show up?) “It shows up in all aspects of life, honestly. Off the field, when you’re hanging out with the guy, on the field, practice, meetings. Anywhere. I strive to just be a positive leader that does the right thing on and off the field. I’m not perfect. Nobody is. But that’s just something I’ve tried to pride myself on more than I have in the past.”

(Are you closer to perfect now?) “I’d say I’m a little better than I was a year ago, in that aspect, yes.”

(What kind of a leader are you?) “I prefer leading by example. I’m not really a huge talker, a huge rah-rah guy. If I need to, I feel like I can, but for the most part I like to just kind of observe and try to lead by example as best I can.”

(Seems like you just hand the ball to the ref when you score) “Yeah, man. Next play. Next play, whether it’s good or bad. That’s kind of my mentality.”

(On decision-making on zone read plays) “There is times I probably got a little too greedy and pulled it when I shouldn’t have. Some decision I have to make better on those. That’s about it.”

(More on zone read) “Yeah. Sometimes you get going and you kind of feel a rhythm, and you’re in a rhythm and you just want to pull it and go. You can’t guess. So sometimes I get caught guessing and that just comes with taking every play as it is, play by play, and making the right decision.”

(On being 3-0) “We feel good, but not too good. That’s expected. That’s our standard, to win the game we’re about to play. Of course it feels great to be 3-0, but also we don’t stop improving. That’s the goal every day.”

(On the playbook) “I feel comfortable with the playbook. I don’t feel behind at all. I think probably the beginning of fall camp I was a little bit. But I feel comfortable with the playbook. I think I’m getting more comfortable just having two games under my belt. Each game is more comfortable and more natural.”

(On getting to know the coaching staff) “That’s another big thing is just kind of knowing where your coach is coming from and him knowing what kind of guy you are, and just knowing how to coach us and knowing how to respond to his coaching, that’s kind of a big part. But yeah, each and every week, every game, relationships get better, the understanding gets better. So that’s definitely a positive.”

(On playing four consecutive home games) “It’s great. The fact that we can just be home and not have to worry about jetlag, getting IDs, what to do on the plane. It’s great. But like I said, you shouldn’t approach any game different, home or away. But it’s always great to have our fans behind us and not have to travel.”