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Quoting defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski

Here's some of what Huskies defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski said today about the Illinois game, Georgia State and the defense's philosophy of trying to score off turnovers.

(Thoughts on Illinois game after reviewing film?) “We played hard. We were physical. Guys ran to the ball well, and those turnovers were huge. Those really propelled us forward for the rest of the game.”

(On changing coverages) “It was good because it changed up the window to the quarterback. Quarterback held the ball a little bit longer, and the pass rush was awesome. So we have some things to clean up. We weren’t perfect by any means. But effort overall was good and execution for the most part was pretty good.”

(On what stands out about Georgia State) “Their ability to throw the ball. Seems like everybody’s winging it nowadays, and they can do it. They’re up there. Quarterback can fit the ball in some tight spots. So it’s defending the pass. For us, it’s all about us getting better, building that skill, day in and day out. We’ve just got to have a good week of practice and keep working on that.”

(Last time you had a guy score two defensive TDs?) “It’s been a while. But those are career days. Those are awesome. Being able to pick-6, and then the way he scoop and scored that one, it was fun to see and glad he’s on our squad. He should have had another one on offense if he didn’t stumble.”

(On emphasis on scoring on defense) “Yeah, score or get the ball back. Did a really good job of doing that last week. We work on it in practice and we emphasize it. It just comes down to guys executing and making it happen.”

(When to scoop and when to dive on it?) “If there’s not a lot of people around, we want to scoop and advance the ball. If there’s a lot of people around and we’re not sure we can get a clean scoop, then we need to get on it and make sure we get possession of the ball.”