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Quoting OC Jonathan Smith on Georgia State, John Ross and backup QBs

Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith met with reporters earlier today and discussed some details of Georgia State's defense, more questions about getting the ball to John Ross, and said Jeff Lindquist would be the first quarterback off the bench if something were to happen to Cyler Miles.

(On Georgia State’s defense) “I think they’ve got some athletes that play pretty hard. They’ve been good in regards to getting some turnovers, so we’ve got to be great with the ball. They do play a scheme that can create problems because they blitz you from all different areas. So really focused on identifying things and then taking care of the ball.”

(Anything you’ve seen?) “Not a ton. Our defense gives us a lot of different looks. Predominantly a three-down front, so there’s some things we’ve seen out of that before.”

(Combating GSU’s tall corners with sideline-to-sideline passes?) “I think the plan is always to try to get those guys touches in space. We do feel like there’s some challenges in the perimeter there, size-wise, with those guys. But we feel good with our guys running around, too. So we’re not going to do a wholesale change, but there are some areas we’ll try to attack.”

(What’s next for John Ross?) “We’ve got to continue to find ways for him to touch it. People are going to continue to focus on him. The guy’s special, no doubt. But he needs to grow continually as a receiver and the details of things. And he’s still young. But we’re excited where he’s at.”

(Developing offensive identity?) “Yeah, I think so. We’ve looked back a little bit, too, after three games and kind of seen some things we thought we’d be like, but we’re not. So we’re always learning, week to week, and after three weeks you’ve got some things established that you can work on.”

(Any surprises?) “I don’t know if we’re overly surprised. I think we’ve been good with the football. If you’d told me after three games, one turnover, I think we’d be pretty pleased with that.”

(Involving tight ends more?) “A little bit. I feel like those guys are doing a great job. (Josh) Perk(ins) was banged up last week, so Mike (Hartvigson) and Darrell (Daniels) have done a good job of getting in there. We get in the red zone, we’ve got a couple of things for them, just haven’t gotten it called. But they’re doing it well.”

(On Kasen Williams) “He’s been steady. Back to work, and he’s still working at it, getting himself back. We’ve got a couple of things for him. Again, he’s just got to keep grinding away. He’s an awesome kid. He’s been working hard. Things will come together for him.”

(Still by committee at running back?) “Yeah. I think all those guys will get carries.”

(On pecking order there) “We don’t go in saying ‘hey we want this guy to have this many carries.’ Kind of get it to a hot hand. We do want to rotate them so they stay fresh. You’ve got to ask coach (Keith) Bhonapha on that. He kind of rotates those guys.”

(On Jesse Callier against Illinois) “I think he started off well. Did some things carrying the ball. We feel with Jesse, too, in terms of throwing him the ball. Really sharp in protection and whatnot. (Deontae) Coop(er) had a couple good check-downs when things weren’t there for Cyler (Miles). As a whole, those guys have been productive. We’re happy with them.”

(On Jeff Lindquist and Troy Williams at backup QB) “Those guys are competing. Both of them are doing a good job. We feel like both of them can get into the job. I think if something were to happen, Jeff would be the first one in, but that doesn’t mean Troy’s very far behind at all.”