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Quoting Pete Kwiatkowski on Stanford, Danny Shelton and more

Here's everything Huskies defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski told reporters this morning after practice.

(Challenges presented by Stanford?) “They are definitely a different style than we’ve seen so far this year. Got to play with great pad level, got to be physical, got to leverage blocks, get off blocks, and tackle. The challenge they face is just that they’re going to stick to the run game, they’re going to keep coming and we’ve got to match that physicality, that intensity, do a great job of leveraging our gaps, leveraging our blocks and fitting the run.”

(Do you get that kind of look from the scout team?) “The scout team’s got to give us the best look they can. And then we service against our offense, we service them, they service us. So we’re trying to get the best looks we can from our guys on the team, whether it’s the scout team or 1 or 2 o-line. A lot of it’s want-to. It’s just a mentality of ‘I’m going to bow my neck, I’m going to be physical, I’m going to stick my eyes, play with great pad level and knock dudes off the ball.’”

(Kevin Hogan? Any mobility there?) “He’s mobile. He only does it when he has to. But he’s athletic enough, critical situations he’s not afraid to pull it down and run or run the zone read.”

(Ty Montgomery?) “They’re going to find different ways to get No. 7 the ball. He’s a real good player. He’s really dynamic with the ball in his hands, whether it’s shot-plays or getting the ball to him in screen game or on reverses, they’re going to get him the ball and get him his touches.”

(What have you learned about your front four?) “They are tough, hard-working, practice great, and then on game day they go out and no matter what the circumstances, they just keep competing, keep battling. They’ve done a good job of worrying about what they can control and that’s how they play and it’s showing up with their play.”

(Is Danny Shelton built for this kind of matchup?) “He’s a big ‘ol body that can get some knock-off on the o-line, and he’s got to have a real big game for us to keep those linebackers clean so they can scrape over the top to the ball.”

(What did you see from UW’s last two games against Stanford?) “Number one, they just kept competing and bringing it. When Stanford made a play, they’d come back and they’d answer. They did a good job of fitting the run and getting off blocks and tackling. But you know, these type of games, it’s going to be see-saw, back and forth, and you’ve just got to keep competing.”

(Any trick to attacking their offense?) “You don’t want to get tricky because they’re going to line up with a lot of bodies and they’re just going to run power, they’re going to run stretch, they’re going to run inside zone, lead. They’re just going to run their runs. You know what they are. They’re just going to give you some different formations to get to them. We’ve got to get aligned, we’ve got to get knock-off and we’ve got to fit the run.”

(Appreciate the style they play?) “In the game of football, nowadays, they’re the odd-ball. Everybody’s so spread, they’re running the ball or throwing the ball from all these open sets, and these guys, they pack it in, and they’re going to run like the old Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers, they’re going to pound it up in there and they’re just going to keep pounding it. Until you take it away, they’re going to keep doing it.”

(On Pac-12 offenses) “That’s probably the beauty of the Pac-12. You’ve got such variety of offenses. You’ve got these spread teams, your run-spread teams, your pass-spread team, and you’ve got some more traditional old-school football in Stanford.”

(Probably not fun for defensive coordinators …) “No, it’s not. It’s tough.”

(Review of Saturday’s game?) “They showed up yesterday ready to get back to work, and they know we didn’t play a great first half, but went in at halftime and there was no panic. There was no adjustments made. It was just a matter of those guys competing, and they did.”