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Quoting OC Jonathan Smith on Stanford's defense, John Ross and Jesse Callier

Here's what Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith told reporters earlier today during UW's media availability.

(On Stanford’s defense) “I just see a good defense. We’ve studied last year’s tape, a  couple of games, this year’s obviously. They play really hard. I think they’ve got a lot of good players on that side of the ball. Very sound, schematically. You’re not seeing a bunch of big plays, busted coverages. You’re not seeing much of that from these guys. I think it’s a stiff, stiff challenge.” 

(On Stanford’s defensive statistics being a little skewed) “I think it’s early to tell, sure. I don’t think statistics always tell the whole story. There’s no doubt they’re good on defense, whether they’re first or second, third, whatever. They’re good on defense. So we’re going to have to play really well to get things done.”

(How do you account for loss of Jesse Callier?) “I mean, next guy up. We were playing a bunch of backs. At the same time, we really felt Jesse had come along. We had some particular things that we felt really good about him being in the game, so that has kind of gone away. So he’s a tough guy to replace, but like I said, next man up.”

(On John Ross) “He’s practiced OK. Think he’s still working his way back, but it’s always nice to have him.”

(Do you expect him to play?) “We’ll kind of see how it goes. He’s working through it, like I said.”

(On Stanford replacing NFL talent with quality players) “I don’t see that taking any type of step back. I do think you look at it, there’s still a bunch of juniors and seniors on that depth chart. And they’ve done a good job. There’s good players. Like any good program that’s been established, you can see guys have developed and they get toward being a junior or senior, they step right in and play well.”

(On last two UW-Stanford games) “I think both games have been pretty physical. Been a little back and forth. Neither team has given up. Last year UW got down a couple of scores, kept on fighting until the end, scored late and had another great opportunity late. Each game’s going to be different. We’ve got to come out and be in an attack mentality, just because we respect them, they’re going to be pretty good on defense, there’s no question, we’ve got to play well to get some things done. We’ve got to go attack.”