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Quoting OC Jonathan Smith on Cyler Miles, scrambling, and going back to square one

Here's some of what Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith said today during UW's last media availability of its bye week.

(What did you see from Cyler Miles on film?) “I think that he played pretty hard. I think he had to throw the ball away too often. Some of the reason is, we’ve got to put him in a better position. Give Stanford credit. There’s a half-a-dozen plays he didn’t have a place to go with the ball, so he’s throwing it away, which is the right play. And then there were some plays out there we can make, and he’s going to.”

(How many times per game are you seeing him bail from the pocket too early?) “Just a couple. I think there’s a couple times he can (stay in), and there’s a couple times he gets out of the pocket and extends and it’s a positive play, especially when he goes and scrambles. He had some good scrambles late (against Stanford). So it’s that fine line of a guy who can go and create, and then there’s some other times that he can hang in a little longer. I think what can help him hang in a little longer is our details in our route-running and our pass-pro being a little more salty. That’ll help him stay in. because often times, that thing is squeezing and he needs to get out. It’s a group effort. All 11 guys got to sharpen up, and that includes us coaches. We’ve got to get him in better positions.”

(On Miles having zero interceptions and that being an indicator of not forcing the ball) “We’re not trying to go out and not throw interceptions. Obviously we want good decisions and accurate, on-time throws. We’re pleased that he hasn’t had an interception yet. I don’t think that’s a reason he has no interceptions – it’s not a reason because he’s not forcing the ball.”

(On Miles missing spring practice) “I think there’s a definite disadvantage from missing spring practice, there’s no question. I think at the same time we struggled offensively all together this last week. We’ve been not as consistent as we’d like. We’ve had some quality play out there. But it just hasn’t been nearly as consistent as we’d like. Consistency will come from the details and we’ve got to sharpen those up.”

(Are you expecting more from him at this point?) “We’re expecting more from everybody, including the coaches. So we’re looking at ourselves. We realize he missed a lot of spring ball. We’re talking about a new offense, we have a lot of newer players that haven’t played a ton of football. We’re working through that. We’ve got a new system, a new coaching staff. It’s not going as consistent as we’d like and we’ve got to keep on working.”

(What do you mean by going back to square one this week?) “Just the details. OK, so for example, a pass concept. Well, this is how it should be working after five weeks. We went back and started looking at those the last couple of days. Is this really what we’re doing? Are we emphasizing these detailed coaching points enough? That’s really what we’re doing. Then, again, the pass pattern – is this just a poor play or are we just executing it not very well? And we’re going back and forth on each play like that.”

(What has the film revealed through five games?) “I think the potential’s there. I think it’s inconsistency. At times we’re playing at a very high level, and then there’s times we’re not. So the inconsistency shows up. I think that we’ve got some kids that are playing hard. I don’t think that’s the issue. The effort is not the issue. I think it’s the finer details and that’s from coaching and them absorbing that.”