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OC Jonathan Smith says Huskies tried to streamline offense during bye week

Here's what Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith told reporters earlier today about working through UW's offensive struggles during the team's bye week, and what he hopes to see on Saturday against California.

(What are you hoping to see out of the offense this week?) “Some more consistency. Just in general, not just last week, but over the five games I think we can play at a really high level, and then a level that’s too low. So we’ve got to find some consistency there. that’s what we’re shooting for. Been pleased with the two weeks of work here, week and a half now, and hopefully plays out the way we want on Saturday.” 

(What’s been the emphasis with Cyler Miles this week?) “The details in regards to how we’re reading plays, footwork we’re using, the timing we’re using. Spent a lot of time on that.”

(Is there too much criticism of him?) “Well, I can’t tell you a lot because I don’t listen to you guys a whole ton. But that’s how this profession is. A lot of things start and end with the quarterback. He gets too much credit, he gets too much blame. I do think as a group, we can improve in a lot of ways, beyond just the quarterback.”

(Is it necessary to get the ball more to the tight ends?) “I don’t know if it’s necessary. Definitely we feel like those guys can make some plays. It’s just what’s the coverage dictate, and then who are we trying to get it to? We’ve got some other guys that we try to get the ball to. I don’t know if it’s a need, but we’d feel great if they do get it.”

(On Kasen Williams not being as involved so far) “I can’t really pinpoint it. If we could, we’d fix it. He’s working. It’s not a lack of effort. It’s probably a lot of factors, and I don’t know exactly all of them.”

(On what he saw from the WSU-Cal film, regarding Cal’s defense) “It looks like they were throwing the ball all over the place. I do think Cal plays with good effort. They’ve given up some big plays. Points are going to go up when big plays happen, and hopefully we can make some.”

(Given what WSU did to Cal, does this feel like a game where you have to score a lot of points?) “It’s always an urgency. We want to play well. Each week’s a different game. Some games are high scoring, some are going to be lower. We’ve just got to put our best foot forward each and every Saturday, and the next chance we get is Cal.”

(On Chris Petersen having success after bye weeks) “I don’t know if I can pinpoint one thing. I do think that we get back to a lot of details. We have more time to prepare. We don’t overdo things in regards to putting a new gameplan in for the next opponent, we just kind of go back and look at what we can improve and the stuff we’ve done.”

(What did review of passing concepts reveal?) “It revealed that we’ve got to clean up some details. Some concepts, we feel good. We’re not that far away. And some of them have been executed. So we kind of keep on building on those. We did eliminate a couple of things that hopefully streamlines some of the stuff we will call.”

(Will the offense be simplified?) “Tighten. I don’t know if it’s quite simplify, but definitely tighten and clean up the details. That was a goal.”

(Explosive plays an emphasis?) “We’d like to. No question you’d like to. We’re going to try to put some guys in position to do that. We want to find ways to score. If it comes on a 50-yard play, great. 5-yard play, we’ll take it as well.”

(Emphasizing the run?) “We always want to try to find ways to run the ball. At the same end, we want to be able to throw it, but starting with the run game’s been, from fall camp to the start of this install offense. We’re always going to try to run.”