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Quoting Chris Petersen after the Huskies' 31-7 victory over California

FROM BERKELEY -- Here's everything Huskies coach Chris Petersen said after UW's 31-7 victory over California.

(On Shaq Thompson’s touchdown) “... Certainly I thought those kids on defense played really, really well. And I don’t think there wasn’t a better play than that all game, just in terms of when it came. I think they came out and drove the ball right down the field. I’m sure they were thinking here we go again, scoring a bunch of points. He seems to always make a play when we need one.”

(On holding Cal to 7 points) “Well, yeah, you never really know. I just know Cal has been throwing it so well, and really moving the ball so well and scoring all those points. To come in here and hold them to seven points, yeah, I didn’t think that would happen. Proud of those guys, how they’re getting turnovers, scoring. We keep talking about that. A lot of teams talk about it, but these guys keep doing it. So I’m really proud of those guys.”

(On Cyler Miles’ game) “We’re really proud of Cyler. For the last two weeks, since that Stanford game, he’s been studying, he’s been working hard. And really all these guys, you can tell, they came to work every day. I always think the trick’s going to be, no matter what we do, whether we play really well like that or we don’t, if we can just stay even-keel and come to work to get better, we’re going to keep improving. And so it’s easier said than done, though.”

(Give him more confidence?) “I hope it does. I hope it does. And it should. His hard work’s paying off and he’s going to have to work extremely diligent … now we’ve got a short week. A regular week. Two weeks is a long time to really work hard and improve, which they did. Now the train has left, and it doesn’t slow down.”

(On what makes Thompson so good at scoring touchdowns) “I’d like to say coaching (laughs). You know, he’s just got the football “it” factor. That’s really it. There are certain quarterbacks that have that, just really sense things. I think you could play him wherever. Running back, he can do some really good things … he’s just got a really good football sense, an extremely high football IQ.”

(Have any view of the Josh Perkins play?) “No, I had no view. So I know he hit him high, and so hopefully we get a look at it and make sure it was … I think they can review those so we don’t lose him again for a half for the next game.”

(Anyone upstairs see it?) “I don’t really know. We’ll just have to look at it.”

(Offense more in-sync?) “I’d say a lot more in-sync. I thought we ran the ball decently. I really think we can run it better. 22-for-29 is really efficient. And if we can conintue to run the ball a little bit better, I think that’s going to continue to help the pass game, which that’ll improve, as well. Got to figure out ways to get John Ross the ball.”

(Know beforehand Brennan Scarlett wouldn’t play?) “No. We didn’t know beforehand. That’s what happens. Those are hard things to deal with, when you lose a really good player like that.”

(On generating pass rush) “We know we would not be able (to win without it) … and when we didn’t, he made us pay a little bit. Everybody wants to talk about the quarterbacks and skill guys and receivers, and the ball being thrown all over, but you can lose focus of the lines really quickly. We talked about it last night – that’s where it has to start on both sides. And I thought our o0line was fairly effective and I thought our d-line was extremely effective.”

(On Hau’oli Kikaha) “He just keeps playing really, really hard. He’s really hard on himself. He’s probably his won worst critic. You’re out there, watches the tape all the time, if something doesn’t go right – I think our job as coaches is just to keep patting him on the back, keep him hungry, keep him positive, because he’s one of those guys, he’s a perfectionist in just about everything he does.”

(On knowing what to expect from this team) “I think it’s a work in progress. I have a hard time sometimes reading teams when we’re ready to play, when we’re not ready to play. And certainly these guys, I do/I think we’re making some progress, but it’s hard to know.”

(Are you getting better at that?) “No, because I thought we were going to play complete games other times where it’s like what’s going on here? I think we’ve practiced hard all along. I don’t think we’ve practiced efficiently all along. And I think we maybe figured that out a little bit. You can practice as hard as you want and get as sweaty as you want. If it’s not efficient, it’s not going to make you better on Saturday. I think we’re making a little bit of progress there.”

(What’s it like as a coach when things don’t go right?) “It’s frustrating, because I think the one thing as a coach, you just want teams to be consistent, play to their potential, those type of things. Now, part o the credit, too, I keep saying this, the other side’s got some pretty good people on the other sidelines, too. So it’s not going to always go how you want it to. These games are rare, and few and far between. We had a lot of mojo on our side, for whatever reason. The guys were rested up and ready to play.”

(On why road teams are winning in the Pac-12) “I have no idea. I just hope it continues for another week.”

(Particularly important for defense to play this way with Oregon on tap?) “I think it’s particularly important with anyone coming up. This is always just about us. And are we playing the best we can play? Are we making progress? And if it’s yes and yes, we feel like we feel good about ourselves. And if it’s no to anything there, you’re frustrated and you’re trying to figure out how to take the next step. We made progress. I think we’re happy with that. Now it’s short. Not a lot of time to take a look at a ton of tape and all those things.”