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Pac-12 spokesman says conference 'does not overturn' targeting suspensions; Perkins to sit first half at Oregon

Huskies coach Chris Petersen said he had a conversation yesterday with the Pac-12 office about tight end Josh Perkins' ejection from Saturday's game against California, but has not yet heard back in regards to whether Perkins' automatic one-half suspension might be overturned.

But it doesn't sound likely.

A Pac-12 spokesperson told the News Tribune: "The Conference does not overturn as that is the responsibility of the video replay crew. The crew confirmed the targeting call during the game and Perkins will be required by the playing rules to sit the first half of the next game."

Asked on Monday about the crackback-block and targeting call in the fourth quarter that got Perkins ejected, Petersen said "you probably know" how he feels about the penalty being called.

But he also defended the officials, saying "the bottom line is, the officials are trying to get them right. Those are really close calls. We’re also sensitive about the head shots, trying to take that out of the game. So those are hard. It’s a lot easier when you’ve got the replay and you can sit there and look at it 30 times. It’s a lot easier there."

Perkins caught a 25-yard touchdown pass in the first half of UW's 31-7 victory over California. He was ejected after the officials ruled he targeted a defenseless player during a John Ross catch and run in the fourth quarter that covered roughly 40 yards, but was negated by the penalty.

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