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Quoting Pete Kwiatkowski on Cal, Oregon and tempo

Here's what Huskies defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say today about preparing for Oregon, and what teams have done in the past to be successful against the Ducks -- like, for example, Chris Petersen's 2009 Boise State team. Kwiatkowski was BSU's defensive line coach that year.

(On playing against Oregon) “It’s fun because you’re onto the next one. This is a big one. Real good team. Another great quarterback and skill guys and o-line. It’s why you coach. It’s why players came here, for these type of games. It will be fun.”

(On what worked so well against Cal) “Good players. It was nothing to do with other than playing hard and executing. D-line does a good job of getting after the passer in passing situations. But at the end of the day, we made a lot of plays, got some turnovers. Like everything, it’s never as good as it seems and never as bad as it seems. There’s stuff in that game, the result was awesome, but there’s still stuff in that game we’ve got to clean up and get better at.”

(More on the Cal game) “Any time you win and you win in a good way like that, definitely. So we’ve got to build on it and we’ve got to use that to get better this week because we’ve got a great challenge with Oregon.”

(Oregon much different than when you game-planned for them in 2009?) “Philosophy-wise they’re the same. They’re fast, zone read. Got maybe a little bit more gap schemes as far as power. But a lot of it’s a same. They’ll formation you a little bit, but the whole thing with them is their tempo. They’re going to go fast, they’re going to get lined up and they’re going to go. So we’ve got to match it.”

(Teams that have shut down Oregon’s running game have done what, exactly?) “They play fast and they just keep coming. Because Oregon’s a really good team and they’re going to make plays. You just go into it knowing they’re going to get theirs, and you just keep attacking. I think it starts up front with the front seven leveraging, doing a great job of leveraging blocks and getting off blocks, and then the perimeter doing a good job keeping everything in front and inside and not giving up home runs.”

(On trying to substitute against Oregon) “You’ve just got to be really careful when you do that. If they sub … the officials have been awesome, if they sub, they stand over the ball, so we’ll have time to sub. But that is something we’ve got to be very cognizant of. A lot of times it’s more situational than it is trying to match personnel.”

(On depth helping with Oregon’s pace) “Ideally you’d like to rotate those guys. But with the pace and longer drives, they make it hard to do that, because if they’re going fast in their tempo, it’s hard to get guys subbed. We’ve got some good work against our offense, against some teams earlier in the season. I think the guys are in good shape to be able to go for an extended period of time. But that’s definitely something we’ve got to be cognizant of as the game goes on.”

(On defense as a whole) “I think they’re playing their tails off. They play really hard and I think are a physical crew, and I think they’ve just been opportunistic. We’ve created some turnovers and we’ve been able to feed off of that. The one thing I’m really proud, even when stuff goes bad, they stick together and they just keep coming. And that’s what it’s all about, competing play after play for four quarters, and at the end of the day you look up and either it’s good enough or it’s not. But if you feel good enough about your effort and how you play as an individual, that’s all we ask.

(Is this the ultimate test of that?) “We’ll see. Hopefully we make a few more plays than they do, but yeah, for sure. It’s going to be a hostile environment, momentum swings going back and forth, for sure.”