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Quoting OC Jonathan Smith on Oregon, John Ross, other things

Here's what Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith told reporters earlier today after UW's Wednesday practice.

(On needing to score more against Oregon) “You go into every week feeling like you need to score, but those guys are definitely good on offense, been good for a long time. So we’ve got to be able to score."

(On Oregon’s defense) “They’re pretty athletic. They’re long and tall. I think they play really well in the secondary, got some good players in the back end. So a sound group, plays hard, that’s athletic.”

(On making progress against Cal) “We did. Especially in the first half. I still think we can be more consistent, and we’re still working at that. And we’re going to have to play well to have a chance against these guys.”

(On Cyler Miles against Cal) “I think that he threw the ball pretty accurately. He was decisive. I really felt he was decisive with what he was seeing out there, for the most part. So we want that to continue.”

(Memories as ex-OSU QB playing at Oregon?) “Some not so great memories, but yeah, some memories. It’s a great place to play college football. It really is. They’ve got the thing going. It’s an awesome stadium, atmosphere, and can’t wait (for) another chance to go play down there.”

(On playing at Autzen Stadium) “There’s going to be some energy, but at the same time it’s all going to be negative energy, so you’ve got to bring your own. Our mentality this week is really trying to be about ourselves, and just focus on what we can control, and then let it rip on Saturday.”

(Number of touches per game for John Ross you’d like to see?) “There’s not really a number. Definitely want to see him touch the ball because he is dynamic. People are slowly starting to see where he’s at and figure things out. If you’re trying to make attempts to throw it to him deep, got to find some ways underneath to touch it. Different ways of touching it. Maybe even handing it to him. So we’re looking at it.”

(On Josh Perkins sitting the first half) “That’s tough, just in regards to game-planning, because there’s some things we like to get in two tight ends, with Josh, particularly, in the game. So you might have to hold that until the second half, so it’s disappointing.”

(Does it bother you there’s no vehicle to overturn a call like that?) “That’s so much out of my hands. Coach Pete deals with that. All I know is Josh ain’t playing in the first half, and move forward.”

(On trying to call plays with so much noise) “That mechanic doesn’t really change. We’re looking at our snap count and a couple of different ways there, but the noise should not affect how we’re communicating plays.”