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Quoting Oregon, Washington players after Ducks beat Huskies 45-20

FROM EUGENE -- Here are quite a few more quotes, via Oregon Athletics, from both teams after Oregon's 45-20 victory over Washington.

Mark Helfrich – Head Coach

On the team’s performance…“Great effort from everybody. I’m really proud of that. Defensively, it was huge in the first half containing them to field goals, and the offense responded with touchdowns. We didn’t finish it exactly how I would’ve liked, but I’m really proud of our effort overall.”

On the 99-yard scoring drive…"99-yard drives are fun. That was about a 99.99-yard drive. That was a big battle and a huge pivot point in the game.”

On preparing to face Washington’s defense….“Their defense has been like a constant highlight film of turnovers and scoring. That was a tremendous challenge that our guys took to heart and they went out and executed in a big way. All of that comes down to playing hard and finishing plays.”

On pressuring Cyler Miles…“We obviously wanted to put a ton on a young quarterback and try to force him to beat us. I thought we were better in some phases and still not great in others. We’ll go back and make some corrections.”

On Darren Carrington… “I’m really proud of Darren Carrington. He’s practiced a lot better over the last couple of weeks and he’s really starting to grow up. I’m really happy that that’s showing up in the game.”

On Royce Freeman… “We saw some of his elusiveness that was legendary during fall camp, as far as being able to run through guys and make people miss a little better than you think. He’s starting to play free of thought and is letting his natural gifts take over.”

“When you can run the ball, you can do anything. The offensive staff did a great job of creating match-ups and seams in the run game.”

On recognizing the 1989 and 1994 Ducks teams… “That’s the foundation. It means everything. Rich Brooks and those teams that took us into a new phase, that was huge. They laid the foundation for us to be like this and we’ll never forget that. It was a tipping point for the program and we know that.”

Marcus Mariota – Quarterback, Junior

On the history behind this throwback game…“These are the reasons you come back to school, to enjoy experiences like this. To see those guys, especially Kenny Wheaton, enjoying that moment just signifies such a huge turnaround in this program. It was awesome to be a part of and something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

On Pharaoh Brown …“He is doing a great job of learning from his mistakes. Today he was so juiced after making such a big play and then he spikes the ball, but then immediately he went to get the ball and give it to the ref. He is learning as he goes and the coaches are doing a good job of keeping him disciplined.”

On beating the Huskies…“For this community and for the university, it is definitely a special time. It raises the pride around here. It is always a huge win every year.”

Royce Freeman – Running Back, Freshman

On feelings after the game…“It was a great feeling out there and it’s just getting better every week. Washington has a great defense, hard hitting, but I feel like we did pretty well out there.”

On the rivalry…“I’m new to this whole rivalry thing and the older crowd around town and coming to the games meant a lot. Just wanting to come out here and play for them, knowing it’s the anniversary, they just wanted to see us come out there and get a win.”

Pharaoh Brown – Tight End, Junior

On his penalty…“When you get those you just have to learn from them. We are all 20-year-old young adults and we just have to learn from stuff like that.”

On his great performances the last two weeks…“Nothing has really changed. I come out every week, work hard and do what I do. I can’t control where the ball goes during the game, but in my mind I know that every time I get it I want to catch it, run with it, and make plays.”

Byron Marshall – Running back, Junior

On his touchdown…“I got the ball with an open field and just had to make a couple guys miss. After I got past the second guy, I was just trying to plow my way through.”

On switching between positions…“I always have to be ready to play, whether it’s receiver or running back.”

On today’s motivation… “The loss [Arizona] was a big part of it. That’s not something that we do, so we just reassessed everything, went back to the drawing boards and came back more physical. We were able to bounce back and knew we had to play more physical and play a lot harder than we have been.”

“UW hates us and we hate UW. There’s no lack of rivalry there. We know when we get together that it’s going to be a chippy game and a dogfight. Every team’s going to come out and give us their best punches, but UW will definitely come out harder. We just kept moving forward knowing it’d be a fight.”

Darren Carrington – Wide Receiver, Freshman

On not having Keanon Lowe and Bralon Addison…“We are all out there trying to make plays. Keanon is the heart and soul of the wide receivers. If Keanon is out there you have to go hard because you know he is going to go hard. We knew our leader is out, so we needed to step up and have his back during the game.”

On beating UCLA and Washington…“From the beginning I thought our group was phenomenal. Whenever we get in and get the opportunity, we are always trying to make plays. We were trying to make plays for Keanon Lowe.”

On Royce Freeman…“His running is phenomenal, I have been watching him since his freshman year, we played against each other. I could tell that year, he would be amazing”

Hroniss Grasu  – Offensive Line, Senior

On addressing the current O-Line situation…“We took a step back and started working on our fundamentals. You know, it comes to our O-linemen and it comes down to good hand placement, good foot work and getting off the ball. There is still plenty of room to get better.”

On O-line coach holding the O-line together…“He’s the best offensive line coach in the country. It doesn’t matter who he has in there, he still believes in all of us. As a player, for example, like Matt Pierson as a walk-on, when your coach believes in you it can give you confidence through the roof.”

On looking ahead to the next couple of weeks…“We have to be nastier. We have to come off the ball and finish the plays. Our playmakers, our running backs, our skill guys are going to make the defenders miss and extend the plays, so we have to keep on working on finishing.”

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu – Defensive Back, Senior

On improvement of the defense…“We are just doing our jobs, the first couple of weeks we weren’t doing our assignments. Now we are just trying to simplify everything and making sure that everyone is on the same page every play. We are finishing all the plays in practice.”

On the throwback jerseys…“I like them a lot, they are really cool. It had a new twist, but they were still really retro."

On Erick Dargan and Reggie Daniels…“They are good players, that is what they are expected to do. I don’t care that Dargan leads the team in picks, he just goes and makes the plays. We have a little competition, so we will see how we come out at the end of the season.”

Erick Dargan – Defensive Back, Redshirt Senior

On the interception…“When our pressure was getting on them, the ball got away and I was in the right place at the right time.”

On the history of the game…“A lot of the younger players didn’t know the history behind the game. They didn’t know what the play meant. I take a lot of pride in the uniforms and the game, and I’m happy we won the way we did.”

On the season…“All the guys are stepping up, as the season goes, we are definitely going to get stronger. Everyone is contributing a lot now. We can’t worry about what everyone else is doing, we just have to work on ourselves.”

Jake Fisher – Offensive Line, Senior

On the UCLA game…“I try to play with a passion and I have a passion of blocking for Marcus.”

On the past few weeks…Our scouts are doing a great job with helping us on what we are going up against every week.”

On Royce Freeman…“He is a beast. He gets the job done. I respect him a lot and he is a very humble kid. He plays his butt off and everyone appreciates that.”

On true freshman…“I think having confidence in yourself and having the physical ability is important for those guys. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t play.”

Dwayne Stanford – Wide Receiver, Redshirt Sophomore

On the touchdown…“That play is funny, that isn’t usually where the ball hits. Marcus did a great job reading the coverage and giving me a great opportunity just to go up there and get it.”

On the team today…“Everything was clicking today. Our O line did a great job opening up holes for Freeman and hit the holes hard. We just like to communicate all throughout the game.”

Chris Petersen – Washington Head Coach

On the loss…“Pretty disappointing. We play an elite team like that and one side of the ball has to be able to step up and make something happen and give the other side a spark. We got down into the red zone a couple times early and had to settle for field goals and that’s not going to be good. If you can’t slow down the run game and slow those guys down a little bit it’s going to be a long evening, like it was.”

“Back to the drawing board. It seems like it’s two steps forward, one step back here.”

On the Oregon running game…“They’re very good at running the ball, we know that. They’re one of the top teams in the country in terms of doing those things, so if you can’t slow them down and make them even a little one dimensional, it’s going to be problems.”

“You have to play really, really good certainly to beat those guys and you have to play really, really good to even hang with them. That’s what you have to do is play really well and have a chance down the stretch and maybe something might happen.”

On the gap between their program and Oregon’s…“I don’t worry about their program. I know we just have to get better.”

“We’ve got to be able to have some continuity with our coaches and our kids, recruit some really good guys, work our tails off and improve. Every week’s a challenge, we try to add something new here and there and that’s a challenge because so much of this stuff is new for all of our guys.”

John Ross – Washington Wide Receiver, SophomoreOn Washington’s long losing streak against Oregon…“I’m motivated to play any team the same way no matter what the win streak is.”

On the progress of the program throughout the season…“Everybody has their ups and downs. We’re 5-2, we’re a good team. We just have to get back to work.”

On the gap between their program and Oregon’s…“To me, there’s not a gap. We have to stay focused and keep working, that’s all there is.  We have to keep executing and we have to be more physical and just come out and dominate.”

Travis Feeney – Washington Linebacker, Junior

On the most disappointing part of the night…“The most disappointing part is we lost. That’s really disappointing.”

On Royce Freeman…“He had his big run, his one big run and that’s how I felt. He made that one big run and another big run later on in the game, other than that he felt like just another back.”

Jaydon Mickens – Washington Wide Receiver, Junior

On the loss…“We made too many mistakes, we didn’t convert on third down a lot, and we really didn’t establish a run game or a passing game. It’s disappointing, but back to the drawing board.”

On how it feels to lose to Oregon…“That’s very tough. It’s a rivalry, some people don’t think it’s a rivalry but it is a rivalry. It means a lot, it meant a lot to us and we really wanted this game, but unfortunately the Ducks were a better team today, so hats off to them.”