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Morning links: Danny Shelton uses FIG leader role to mentor freshmen

--- Here is our story in today's newspaper about Huskies defensive tackle Danny Shelton and the unique position he's in as a First-year Interest Group (FIG) leader. An excerpt:

— In three days, Danny Shelton will put on his Washington Huskies uniform and attempt to bulldoze his 6-foot-2, 339-pound body through the center of the opponent’s offensive line during a college football game.

In February, the Huskies’ senior nose tackle will almost certainly attend the NFL scouting combine, running and jumping and lifting weights in front of gathered scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, many of whom represent teams that will have use for Shelton’s size and brute strength.

And in spring, he will almost certainly be selected by one of those teams on the first or second day of the NFL draft, and he will likely sign a contract that, in time, will make him a millionaire.

But right now, it is 12:30 p.m. on a Wednesday at the University of Washington, and Danny Shelton just needs the 23 freshmen seated in his classroom in Denny 315 to turn in their reflection papers.

Class is in session, and Shelton, an Auburn native and one of the nation’s most imposing defensive linemen, is teaching it.

--- Missed tackles cost the Huskies against Oregon.


Here's a practice report from Arizona State

, where

Taylor Kelly

did not wear a no-contact jersey at Tuesday's practice. He is expected to start this weekend against the Huskies.

--- Here's a look at the game from the ASU student newspaper.

--- Jon Wilner's Pac-12 midseason review mentions a couple of Huskies.

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