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Chris Petersen: 'Everybody's day-to-day in our program'

If you were hoping for updates today on the health of running backs Lavon Coleman or Dwayne Washington, or quarterback Cyler Miles, well, keep hoping. Huskies coach Chris Petersen had little to say about any UW's banged-up players, noting only that "everybody's day-to-day in our program." So, it appears we'll all find out on Saturday night who can play and who can't.

Here's the full transcript of Petersen's Thursday media availability, his final of the week before UW's 7:45 p.m. game against Arizona State at Husky Stadium on Saturday.

(On this week of practice) “We’re working hard. We are. We’re working real hard. Had a pretty good week. Got a really, really good opponent coming to town. We really do. A lot of respect for Arizona State. Those guys are coming on strong and they’ve got some good players and they’re well-coached and all those things. It’s interesting because you keep seeing these ranked teams after ranked teams coming your way. And so I think it always just comes back to us again. You can’t worry about their ranking and how good they are. It’s just, ‘are we making progress?’”

(Run game look better in practice?) “In practice, yes. Different deal in the game when you’re playing full speed. But I know the kids are very focused. And I think you only know if you’re going to improve (if) you put it on tape Saturday night.”

(Where are you at with Lavon Coleman and Dwayne Washington?) “Everybody’s still day to day. Everybody’s day to day in our program. You guys know how that goes, unless it’s long term. That’s just how it is.”

(Update on Cyler Miles?) “Everybody’s day to day in our program.”

(Expecting more aggression from Arizona State’s defense?) “I don’t know if they’re going to do it more. That’s what they do. Coach (Todd) Graham, that’s his style, that’s his philosophy. I remember hearing him way back in the spring, they’ve got a bunch of new guys, and they’re saying, ‘hey, are you going to pull off until you get these guys?’ And he’s like, just basically laughed. Like, that would never happen. So that’s what he does. They do it well. And we’ve just got to be able to answer.”

(Change pass-rush against mobile quarterback?) “There could be some different things coverage-wise, underneath coverage-wise, to pay attention to that. But for the most part, no. we’re trying to get there as fast as we can, and our technique’s got to be good. We got there a couple times last week and that athleticism took over. Sometimes a really athletic quarterback’s going to be a little more athletic than our d-line. That’s why it can’t come down to one guy. We’ve got to get a couple guys there, and then we’ve got a better chance.”

(On Troy Williams taking first-team reps earlier this week) “I think he has made progress, and I think it’s good to get other guys reps, when I was talking about that earlier. It is good, because whether you’re talking about the o-line, quarterback, whatever, eventually, you’re going to need depth. So to get guys 1-reps I think is healthy for everybody.”

(Practice inside today?) “We’re always inside on Thursday. It was good to be outside yesterday. The kids are used to this. I’m looking for a huge umbrella and raincoat, but they’re not. They’re looking at me like I’ve got five heads. They do a good job. They go out there, and this is Dawg weather.”

(More on weather) “And again, it’s got to be our advantage, it really does. I think the kids kind of approach it that way, and we’ll see. But it’s good to be able to practice in it a little bit.”

(On Taylor Kelly playing this week) “Well, I think it’s always important to contain the quarterback, but he’s been practicing and he’s played a lot of football and he’s a heck of a player. So again, we don’t really go back to worrying about what they have. Their other quarterback’s really, really good as well. He’s proved it, put it on tape. So we’ve got to show up and take care of our responsibilities.”

(No glaring differences between Kelly and Mike Bercovici?) “No, no. They certainly highlight and emphasize different things, but that offense doesn’t change. They still run the same plays. They might run more of certain things with one guy, but they run them all.”

(What’s the game-day process for a 7:45 p.m. kickoff?) “Get them up a little bit later, a couple walk-throughs and stuff, trying to keep their mind alert a little bit. But it’s hard laying around all day. But both teams got to do it, and it’ll be here soon enough.”

(Get any sense players want revenge for last year?) “I really don’t. I just think it’s about us playing better, and last year’s last year. I don’t think there’s been any sort of talk or any of that type of stuff. It’s just ‘how do I get better? How do I help this team right now, today?’”

(On playing at home) “It’s always nice to be here. I think the kids really appreciate it. It’ll be interesting – first night game that we’ve played. That’ll be different and exciting.”