Caddies taking a beating at Chambers Bay, too

Chambers Bay is abusing more than golfers’ scorecards this week.

It’s also wearing out caddies, according to Vern Essenberg, CEO of Olympic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation.

Essenberg says his therapists have treated as many caddies as players.

The golfers have mostly requested assistance for lower-back tightness, Essenberg said. Meanwhile, caddies – many of whom are fathers or girlfriends not used to lugging heavy golf bags around the course – are complaining of pain in their shoulders and backs as well as Achilles’ tendon pain and blisters on their feet.

While therapists only provide treatment for players, caddies and USGA officials, therapist Cheryl French Nevin said she sneaked in a mom who was worn out after walking 71/2 miles around the course to watch her son play.

“It can be really tough on you if you aren’t used to walking someplace that is so hilly,” Nevin said.

Jason Stockton of Tacoma Family Chiropractic figures he put in 55 hours over the first four days of the event.