USGA approves U.S. Open logo for Chambers Bay

A stamp of verification has arrived. Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place now has an official 2015 U.S. Open logo.

After months of poring over the design details, the United States Golf Association approved a championship logo in August and released the image to officials from Pierce County and Kemper Sports Management a couple of weeks ago.

The new logo will start showing up on pro-shop apparel – initially on hats and golf balls – by Nov. 1, if not sooner, said Chambers Bay general manager Matt Allen.

“I suspect (USGA officials) put it together a little farther in advance than they normally do,” Allen said. “It is probably maybe as much as a year ahead of normal schedule, in acknowledgement of a new market, and a new opportunity.”

When it comes to designing U.S. Open logos, the USGA traditionally has attempted to use a primary image from the host course logo, spruce it up and brand it with a different backdrop.

In this case, the 2015 U.S. Open logo is very similar to the original Chambers Bay emblem, designed by Tacoma freelance graphic artist Scott Bailey in 2005.

The defining image of Bailey’s design is two sails.

“We ended up with the sails because the course is right next to (Puget Sound),” Bailey said. “It seemed like the most obvious symbol that represents the Northwest in feel but that did not identify something specific.”

The USGA did not deviate from that image at all in its championship logo, designed by Lee Wybranski, president of Philadelphia-based Group W Art Works, who made an on-site visit to Chambers Bay last October.

The biggest change in the 2015 U.S. Open logo is in the lettering. The font has been tweaked from a Granjon Roman font that Bailey used, and the letters are now all capitalized.

“They are the experts with regards to what embroiders well and what suits the broadest range of garment colors, which are their primary considerations,” Allen said. “We are delighted to have the logo this early, and that we can start selling. We will have a lot of opportunity in the next three years to get it out there.”

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