Despite struggles at Memorial, Woods says he’ll be ready for U.S. Open

Tiger Woods’ head is still spinning.

His hand had a major blister.

And yet somehow, when the 115th United States Open championship comes to Chambers Bay in a couple of weeks, the 14-time major champion very well could find form, move forward – and possibly contend?

Woods finished up the Memorial Tournament on Sunday with a 2-over-par 74 – which was a considerable improvement over his career-worst 85 from Saturday. He finished last at 14-over 302.

“I did not win, and I wasn’t even close,” Woods said following his last competitive round until the U.S. Open.

“Hopefully in two weeks time, things will be a lot better, and I’ll be ready to try to win a U.S. Open.”

Woods continues to say the same things he’s said all week about the state of his golf swing: He’s modified a few movements, and continues to be “stuck right between patterns.”

“The guys that have made tweaks, you have moments where you go backwards, and then you make big, major strides down the road,” Woods said. “That is the way it goes.

“You have to look at the big picture: You can’t be so myopic with your view and expect to have one magical day, or one magical shot, and change your whole game. It doesn’t work that way.”

Woods said he will take the next few days off, then work on putting the rest of the week. He will also allow his blister to heal before heading to University Place.