No. 7 green poised for drama

Morgan Hoffmann’s second shot on No. 7 was tracking perfectly, dead on-line, and within about 10 feet of the pin on the right side of the green. But it bit hard and backed up slightly, caught a ridge that splits that part of the green, and hurried off to the middle of deep front bunker.

His first blast out of the bunker was perfect, except it hit the same spot, and started heading back to Hoffmann in the bunker before someone stopped it, and tossed it back for him to try again. He gave the next try enough power to get it past the ridge, but it rolled off the back of the green. His third bunker shot, again, was delicately placed, but just short again, and would have ended up at his feet once more if it hadn’t been intercepted. His fourth bunker shot landed in a spot that would have remained on the green.

Hoffmann is the 94th-ranked player in the world, and has played in two Opens, one as an amateur (2010) and 2012 as a pro, when he finished tied for 29th.

This was not a weekend hacker out there.

The message? The No. 7 green will be a place to see plenty of drama this week.