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Draft over and Mariners expect no snags in getting top picks signed

Manager Scott Servais chatted Tuesday with Sam Carlson, the Mariners’ second-round pick.
Manager Scott Servais chatted Tuesday with Sam Carlson, the Mariners’ second-round pick. AP

The financial tumblers are quickly falling into place for the Mariners’ 2017 draft class.

Scouting director Scott Hunter said nine of the club’s top 10 picks already have their travel papers for next week’s minicamp in Arizona, including first baseman Evan White, the club’s first-round pick from Kentucky.

The lone exception is second-round pick Sam Carlson, a prep right-hander from Minnesota. The holdup there, apparently, doesn’t involve dollars but merely the fact that Carlson’s season isn’t yet over.

"At this point," Hunter said, "I’m pretty confident everybody we drafted up until the later rounds, there’s only four or five guys who may take a little time. They’re sitting back."

Those players, generally, are "high-ceiling high school guys" selected outside of first 10 rounds who have the alternative of a college scholarship.

Hunter effectively confirmed the club has a deal with White, who will begin his pro career at Short-A Everett.

"Evan is coming in (Thursday) for his physical," Hunter said. "He’ll head back to Arizona for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (for the minicamp) and then he’ll fly back to Seattle with me or with the Everett team.

"But on (June 22), we’re going to do the official signing here in Seattle and let him meet Scott Servais and do the tour of the clubhouse, meet the players and take batting practice on the field."

The MLB Draft, which consists of 40 rounds, completed a three-day run Wednesday with selections covering the final 30 rounds.

Drafted players must sign by July 15. Those who fail to do so and attend a four-year college can’t re-enter the draft until after their junior year. Those who don’t attend a four-year college are eligible for selection in next year’s draft.

Hunter said the Mariners spent two late picks on prep standouts from the Pacific Northwest who are unlikely to sign: Seattle Prep center fielder Jesse Franklin in the 37th round and Century (Ore.) left-hander Kolby Somers in the 38th round.

"Jesse Franklin…put up huge numbers," Hunter said. "Our scouts really liked him, but with his commitment to the University of Michigan, we just couldn’t risk taking him too early in the draft and losing (part of) our bonus pool.

"We did identify the talent. We took him just in case one of our first 10 picks don’t sign. If something goes haywire, we might in a position to make a run at him.

"Very similar to Kolby Somers, who was at our pre-draft workout and is going to the University of Oregon. A left-handed pitcher with a very big upside with regards to what his talent could be three years from now."

Hunter cited two other picks the club hopes to sign but who are weighing their options to attend a four-year college: junior-college right-hander Tommy Romero (15th round) and prep center fielder Miles Christian (18th round).

"Out of the entire draft class," Hunter said, "we’re only sitting and waiting on four or five players. If we can lock those guys up, it’ll be an extremely exciting time for all of us."

The minicamp runs Saturday through Wednesday at the Mariners’ year-round complex in Peoria, Ariz.

"The kids fly in for their physicals on Saturday," Hunter said, "and will start Sunday morning with light workouts. Then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week before they leave for their affiliates."

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Round (pick) Player, School (B-T, HT/WT, Age)

1 (17) 1B Evan White, Kentucky (R-L, 6-3/205, 21)

2 (55) RHP Sam Collier, Burnsville (MN) HS (R-R, 6-3/193, 18)

3 (93) RHP Wyatt Mills, Gonzaga (R-R, 6-4/185, 22)

4 (123) RHP Seth Elledge, Dallas Baptist (R-R, 6-3/220, 21)

5 (153) C David Banuelos, Long Beach State (R-R, 6-0/205, 20)

6 (183) LHP Oliver Jaskie, Michigan (L-L, 6-4/215, 21)

7 (213) LHP Max Roberts, Wabash Valley (L-L, 6-5/160, 19)

8 (243) CF Billy Cooke, Coastal Carolina (R-R, 5-10/175, 21)

9 (273) LHP Jorge Benitez, Leadership Christian, PR (L-L, 6-2/155, 17)

10 (303) RHP Randy Bell, South Alabama (R-R, 5-10/190, 22)

11 (333) LHP J.P. Sears, Citadel (R-L, 5-11/180, 21)

12 (363) RHP Darren McCaughan, Long Beach State (R-R, 6-1/200, 21)

13 (393) RHP Luis Alvarado, Nebraska (R-R, 6-4/180, 20)

14 (423) C Trevor Casanova, El Camino College (L-R, 6-0/200, 21)

15 (453) RHP Tommy Romero, Eastern Florida State (L-R, 6-2/225, 19)

16 (483) LHP Orlando Razo, Cal-Davis, (L-L, 5-11, 185, 22)

17 (513) RHP Jamal Wade, Maryland (R-R, 6-0/205, 21)

18 (543) CF Myles Christian, Olive Branch (MS) HS (L-R, 6-2/180, 19)

19 (573) SS Kevin Santa, Tampa (L-R, 5-10/180, 22)

20 (603) C Troy Dixon, St. John’s (L-R, 6-2/205, 22)

21 (633) SS Connor Hoover, North Georgia (L-R, 5-10/185, 20)

22 (663) SS Johnny Adams, Boston College (R-R, 6-0/198, 22)

23 (693) RHP Same Delaplane, Eastern Michigan (R-R, 5-11/175, 22)

24 (723) SS Louis Boyd, Arizona (R-R, 5-10/169, 23)

25 (753) RHP Bryan Pall, Michigan (R-R, 6-1/215, 21)

26 (783) RHP Austin Hutchison, Mount Olive (R-R, 6-1/205, 22)

27 (813) RHP Collin Kober, McNeese State (R-R, 6-1/185, 22)

28 (843) CF Johnny Slater, Michigan (L-L, 6-1/185, 21)

29 (873) RHP David Gerber, Creighton (R-R, 6-1/200, 22)

30 (903) RHP Scott Boches, Marist (R-R, 6-5/205, 22)

31 (933) 3B Ryan Costello, Central Connecticut (L-R, 6-2/200, 21)

32 (963) 1B Ryan Garcia, Point Loma Nazarene (L-L, 6-2/205, 21)

33 (993) LHP Chris Castellanos, Stanford (L-L, 5-10/185, 22)

34 (1023) LHP David Hesslink, MIT (R-L, 6-2/165, 22)

35 (1053) RHP Hunter Lonigro, Connellsville Area (PA) HS (R-R, 6-3/190, 18)

36 (1083) CF Heston Kjerstad, Canyon Randall (TX) HS (S-R, 6-3/180, 18)

37 (1113) CF Jesse Franklin, Seattle Prep (L-L, 6-2/207, 18)

38 (1143) LHP Kolby Somers, Century (OR) HS (L-L, 6-1/195, 18)

39 (1173) SS Jack Smith, Mercer Island HS (R-R, 6-2/185, 17)

40 (1203) 3B Zach Needham, Edmonds CC (S-R, 6-2/205, 20)