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GAME THOUGHTS: Rangers vs. Mariners, May 8th

The Rangers made a few roster moves before the game, activating tonight's starting pitcher Kason Gabbard from the disabled list, along with infielder Travis Metcalfe. They optioned AJ Murray to Triple A Oklahoma City, while designating Ben Broussard for assignment.

It's amazing how far Broussard fell in the Rangers' eyes and how fast. He was supposed to be an everyday starter for them, now he's looking for a job.

Broussard was hitting just .159 with three home runs and 8 RBI and was basically replaced by Frank Catalanotto at first.


9:46 -- It's one thing to show some fight in a fight, but the Mariners need to show some fight on the field. They still only have three hits.

9:39 --

9:05 -- all of that brouhaha and posturing won't mean as much if the Mariners don't put up a fight in this game.

Sexson is going to be suspended. I wonder if because he used his helmet it will be longer, like 8 games or so.

8:33 -- Maybe there is a pulse to this MAriners team afterall

8:23 -- Ian kinsler is not happy about getting hit by Felix there. His stare down needs some work. Hey good for Felix, the guy hits a bomb off you, you don't have your best stuff, stick one inside and send a message.

8:01 -- Down 4-0, I wonder how many fans have turned the channel at this point.

7:44 -- So much of what Felix does is based on emotion and that one little confrontation with home plate umpire Chad Fairchild over the swing and the miss has clearly bothered him. He lost his focus on Kinsler and left a pitch out to be hit.

7:37 -- on the list of things I never want to have happen to me, getting hit by a Felix fastball on any part of my body is right up there.

7:19 -- Wow, that was not to good of a throw there by Raul. He doesn't have a great arm, but that wasn't a good effort there. It looked on replay like he might not have had a good grip on the ball.

And Felix well on his way to another 30 pitch first inning.