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The jinx and links are back (UPDATED 5:11)

Well, I guess we'll find out if I am a jinx or the Texas Rangers are as bad as everybody assumed they would be this season. I'm up at Safeco watching Clement, Balentien, Johjima and Cairo take extra BP. It's Cairo's form of game action.

Here's Don's game story from last night. Thank you Don.

No word yet on Jarrod Washburn and the status of his calf. But if he were to miss a start, fellow lefty Ryan Feierabend is on basically the same work schedule as Washburn.

The Rainiers got a late win last night.

I'm sure you've probably heard about Bob Nightengale's story in today's USA TODAY about Ken Griffey Jr. eventually coming home to the Mariners. If you haven't, click here to read it. It's an interesting and somewhat expected story from all parties involved. I'm hoping to talk with Chuck Armstrong today about his comments in the story.

The question remains is this: What would you give up to get junior? I mean let's face it, he's 38-years-old, he doesn't hit or field like he once did. He certainly doesn't command a top flight prospect. Another thing to remember is this, the Reds have an option for one more year for Griffey, but they would have to pay $16 million for next season. I don't see them doing that, so he would then become a free agent and most likely sign with the Mariners anyway.

What would you do? Who would you be willing to give up?

UPDATE 5:11 -- Also in response to Bob Nightengale's story, the Cincy Enquirer had this story.

The also had this story as well.

We also tried to get Chuck Armstrong to talk about it, but he has owners meetings all day. However, he did tell the media director that the conversation was relatively innocent and he wasn't trying to plant any seeds for a possible move, because that is illegal.

Anyway, I re-read the Nightengale story and it's a good story, but really didn't we hear all this same stuff, last time he was here?

Here's some more links...

After 25 games here's what Buster Olney writes about all the team's issues, here's what he said about the Mariners issues and solutions...


Problem: They're not hitting.

Solution: They may ask Jose Vidro to go to Triple-A at some point, or perhaps cut him altogether, and they've tried to install Jeff Clement into their lineup as a designated hitter. As we sit here today, there is one very obvious solution that could serve as an upgrade for either the Detroit Tigers or the Mariners and their hitting problems: Barry Lamar Bonds, who is sitting at home by a silent phone. But the Mariners reportedly have no interest. If Wladimir Balentien can't establish himself in right field, you wonder if Seattle will pick up past threads of Griffey trade talks.

* Ervin Santana won again yesterday to move to 6-0 along with teammate Joe Saunders, making them the first pitchers in the same rotation to start 6-0 since John Burkett and some guy named Pedro Martinez.


Jarrod Washburn said his calf would be okay, he says it's not as bad as when he pulled it last time. And he even didn't mind when I made fun of the fact that he barely had calves. I didn't say, "are those your legs, or are you riding a chicken," but he even acknowledged to have some skinny legs.

"There isn't a lot of muscle there, but just enough to pull," he said. "If I shaved them, they'd look pretty good."