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Game thoughts... vs. Padres, May 18

Break through for Mr. Lopez, 3:20ish

Jose Lopez, your new No. 3 hitter, just delivered a clutch hit. Two outs – after Beltre K'd – and he drives in two to give the M's a 3-2 lead heading to the top of the ninth. Now it's J.J. time.

Rally! bottom of eighth, 3:19 p.m.

Back-to-back singles by Jose Vidro and Yuni and a walk by Ichiro (I know, hard to believe) loads the bases for Beltre. This is the ballgame for the M's.

1-2-3... the story of the day, 3:02 p.m.

Heath Bell just blew three high fastballs by Richie Sexson to end the M's "rally," if you consider a runner on second with two outs a rally. FYI: Estes had four innings where he went 1-2-3.

Good bye Mr. Estes, 2:54

The Mariners just knocked Shawn Estes out of the game when Ibanez drew a one-out walk. Yeee-haw! Still, you've got to be impressed/depressed with how Estes pitched... 6 1/3 innings, two hits, two walks...

Going to the seventh

We have a pitching change. Felix is done after six – seven hits, five strikeouts and one walk. Sean Green is the new pitcher. And if you are curious, Shawn Estes has given up on two hits in six innings.

Middle of six, 2:33 p.m.

Felix is slinging it. He struck out two of the four hitters he faced in the sixth and one of his fastballs was clocked at 97 mph, according to the stadium scoreboard. However, if the Mariners don't do something, all he's going to have to show for it is his fifth loss of the year.

Bottom of fifth, 2:19 pm

The streak's over!!! After Estes got Joh to ground out to lead off, Sexson slapped a solid single to center to end Estes' mark of 12 in a row.

Going into the fourth, 1:50 pm

Shawn Estes? You've got to be joking. The Mariners have one hit off Estes after three and it barely qualified as a hit. Ichiro led off with a nubber and got to first and other than that, the M's have nada off this ancient Padre pitcher.

Top of third, 1:42

Gulp.. Mariners fans just about choked on their lunch after watching Felix walk gingerly after throwing a strike to Luke Carlin. Trainers and John McLaren came out to see what was up, and after a warm up throw to Joh, he continued pitching. We'll be sure to ask what that was all about after the game. FYI: Felix struck out Carlin and easily retired the next two hitters.

Bottom of second, 1:37

Richie Sexson just grounded out on a 3-1 pitch to shortstop. He threw the bat almost to first base. I guess that might be the very definition of frustration.

From my man Ryan Divish:

Talked to Ryan a short bit ago and he dropped some interesting information on me about Tacoma Rainiers center fielder Jeremey Reed. Ryan said Reed was supposed to start today but was pulled from the starting lineup.

Bottom of first, 1:25 pm:

Ichiro, with one out, just stole second base to set the Mariners all-time team record for most steals with 291. He eclipsed JULIO Cruz's record. ... And then, with the crowd still standing and applauding him, Ichiro broke for third on the very next pitch to steal No. 292.

Just as important, Ichiro scores the first run on a ground out by Jose Lopez. He wouldn't have been able to do it if he hadn't stole third...