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Sunday lineups.. and a few notes

Mariners manager John McLaren spent a majority of his time in his pregame meeting talking about the Mariners struggles, primarily the offensive ones.

He said he and his staff have continually preached the importance of patience at the plate but he wonders if trying to make the Mariners something they are not – McLaren readily acknowledged that his team is a free-swinging bunch – is only making the offensive problems worse.

"If you try to make impatient hitters patient, you might be shooting yourself in both feet," he said.

The biggest problem, McLaren said, is a lack of consistency. He said the Mariners are patient at times but not always.

"It runs in streaks. We (work counts) for awhile then it disappears," he said. "We've talked about this for hours."

McLaren said besides talking about the issue, they've tried juggling lineups, resting guys and just about anything they can think of at this point. Now, he said, it's time for the Mariners hitters to hit like they've done throughout their careers.

One adjustment he made is to put Jose Lopez in the third spot in the order. Lopez hit third in Saturday's win over the Padres, the first time he's been in that spot this year. McLaren said Lopez and Raul Ibanez, who's hitting cleanup, have been the team's steadiest hitters.

"It's not been just one hitter. It's been one through nine just about, except Lopez," McLaren said. "That's why he's hitting third."

Here's the rest of the lineup.


Ichiro, CF

Beltre, 3B

Lopez, 2B

Ibanez, DH

Johjima, C

Sexson, 1B

Balentien, RF

Bloomquist, LF

Betancourt, SS

Hernandez, P


Gerut, CF

E. Gonzalez, 2B

Giles, RF

A. Gonzalez, 1B

Clark, DH

Kouzmanoff, 3B

Greene, SS

McAnulty, LF

Carlin, C

Estes, P