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GAME THOUGHTS: Padres vs. Mariners, May 17th

Ok, I started a long post to John's questions about a leader in the clubhouse. I think we all know that there is no definite one, but I was breaking down which guys could and should be leaders and why, anyway I'll have to do that tomorrow, or later tonight at 3 a.m.

A quick programming note, I won't be covering the game tomorrow since I'm traveling on Monday. I think Darrin Beene is covering the game but I am not certain.

We waited to talk to Miguel Batista today, but he grabbed his Louis Vuitton man-purse and disappeared into the back dining room. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't speak to the media for quite a while.

Batista's failure to be accountable for his own start, clearly irked JJ Putz in the clubhouse last night after the game. Putz even grabbed Raul Ibanez to voice his concern. Today Richie Sexson also said something to Carlos Silva about it as well.

Look I'm not complaining about them not talking. We all know that it's not their job, but it is expected. And from a veteran like Batista, who usually has plenty to say, it's surprising. But it works like this, if a starter doesn't talk to the media, it forces somebody else in the clubhouse to have to do it. Like on the Texas road trip, Raul Ibanez had to stand up and do it three days in a row. It's kind of why Billy Wagner was so mad after having to be interviewed following a game he didn't even pitch in.

I understand if Batista was upset following last night's game, but he could have come out and addressed a few things today, like why he can't seem to not throw 30 pitches in the first inning in every start.

Anyway, let's get to the game thoughts ....


9"16-- Bedard left with 101 pitches. I can hear Dave8557 firing up a rant.

8:55 -- Bedard has been solid all game. I doubt we'll see Joh catch him again this season.

8:52 -- Well, Ichiro made that whole rant not quite as important. But if Burke had already been on second it would have been easier for him to score. Still, a big inning for the Mariners.

8:51-- Look I realize this is the American League, but you're down a run and Burke leads off with a single. Bunt him over, especially with a lefty on the mound. Yuni is your nine hitter and he's shown no great ability to hit the ball with control.

8:02 -- Gonzalez gets a pitch he can handle and hits a bomb off of Bedard. That's the seventh homer Bedard's given up in 37 innings

7:51 --- As for the logos, the smaller print says, "There's no crying in baseball." I think there is one with JJ as well.

7:27 -- I take back what I said about Gonzalez and his fielding ability now.

7:25 -- Nice piece of hitting by Raul to score a run and give the M's a rare lead, it's a lot better than a 3-0 deficit.

Here's the lineups...


Scott Hairston CF -- It makes you wonder how bad Jim Edmonds was to get released.

Tadahito Iguchi 2b -- This Japanese lefty looked like a tougher out last night than the Mariners.

Brian Giles RF --- The guy can still hit.

Adrian Gonzalez 1B --- One of the best fielding first baseman in the NL, got a glove like Mark Grace.

Tony Clark DH --- I think he might be 109 years old. And still five years younger than Julio Franco.

Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B --- Met him last night, a very nice guy.

Khalil Greene SS --- I want to walk up to him and say "What Jefferson was saying was, Hey! You know, we left this England place 'cause it was bogus; so if we don't get some cool rules ourselves - pronto - we'll just be bogus too! Get it?

Josh Bard C --- Nothing to say about him.

Justin Huber LF --- Saw him play in Triple A last season, never thought he'd leave it.


Randy Wolf P --- That's a name you just don't hear a lot anymore. Randy.


Ichiro CF ---

Adrian Beltre 3B --- McLaren moved him around to help Beltre get going.

Jose Lopez 2B --- "I just hit, it doesn't matter where," he said before the game.

Raul Ibanez LF

Kenji Johjima DH --- I would have bet what's left of my liver and my good kidney that he wouldn't be catching Bedard.

Richie Sexson 1B --- I bet he hits a homer tonight.

Wlad Balentien RF --- Do you know he has a gold tooth with a heart cut out of it.

Jamie Burke C --- I honestly think he'll be Bedard's personal catcher.

Yuni Betancourt SS


Erik Bedard P -- Look he has his personal catcher catching him tonight, that means he should last more than three innings.