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Interleague Play against the rival Padres? The pregame edition

Well, that natural rival that is the San Diego Padres is in town and the bad blood and ill will is palpable. I guess it comes from having to share a spring training complex on the mean streets of Peoria. It just gives you this edge that's tough to explain. There's just a bad feeling between the two groups, like the mafia and cops, buffets and skinny people, Erik Bedard and the media, and Dave8557 vs. most modern day managers.

Anyway, let's get to a few things.

We were giving Willie Bloomquist a hard time for his "breaking" of the law. He said that he and a buddy were digging razor clams and they knew they were close to the limit, but weren't exactly sure. The total they could have had was 30, they actually had 32. He wasn't upset about having to pay the ticket, saying he was in the wrong.

Not many of his teammates know about it yet, and he certainly isn't telling them, but he is expecting to receive some grief when he does.

CAtching coordinator Roger Hansen is at Safeco Field and worked with Jeff Clement today and will work with Kenji tomorrow, while evaluating Clement, Joh and Jamie Burke over the next week or so. John McLaren said Hansen will go with the team on the road trip.

Hansen was entertaining as usual.

Here's tonight's lineups....


Gerut CF

Iguchi 2B

Giles RF

Gonzalez 1B

Clark DH

Kouzmanoff 3B

Greene SS

Bard C

Hairston LF


Young P


Ichiro CF

Lopez 2B

Beltre 3B

Ibanez LF

Sexson 1B

Clement DH

Johjima C

Balentien RF

Betancourt SS


Batista P