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An extremely late post....

Sorry for the lateness of my first post of the day, or is it tomorrow now, whatever. Does it really matter?

Basically I treated today like an off day for me. It wasn't exactly an off day since I spent much of it working. I spent my morning doing my expenses from the floor of the Dallas Airport, spent a good portion of my four hour flight trying to figure out what to write about, the other part doing the crossword. And then I got a sweet hour and half drive to Tacoma from Sea-Tac.

So that's why I didn't post earlier. I should have but I didn't. I also went to the last four innings of the Rainiers' game tonight. Assistant GM Lee Pelekoudas was there, along with minor league director Greg Hunter and top Asian scout Hide Suyeoshi were also there. Not much going on really. I saw Jimerson get a hit and also get caught in a run down, Jeremy Reed also had a sweet bunt base hit.

After the game, I went and talked a little with Jimerson, Bryan LaHair and Rob Johnson. I also went to the West End to see my favorite waitress Dusty and ponder a little bit about this homestand.

Winning two of three would be acceptable, but taking three of three should be expected. No Paavy, no Maddux, and the Padres are reeling and scuffling offensively, plus Seattle has Bedard and Felix going. They need to win all three.

Here's my story from today's paper, which includes stats to prove that the Mariners aren't the worst team offensively in baseball, although there were times it felt that way.

Also I should have posted this earlier because I got an e-mail from our sister paper, "The Olympian" but I just forgot because I was trying to write my story... anyway, the Mariners have a small jurisprudence issue. It's far from anything major indeed, but in the interest of fairness, I am running it to make sure nobody ever accuses me of having favorites (though we all know I dislike everyone equally).

Too many clams result in ticket for Mariners' Bloomquist

By Jeremy Pawloski | The Olympian &bull Published May 15, 2008

A state Fish and Wildlife officer cited Mariners utilityman Willie Bloomquist on April 21 for unlawful recreational fishing for going over the state's limits on razor clams while he was digging at Twin Harbors, according to a citation filed in Montesano Municipal Court.

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Bloomquist, 30, has paid a $50 fine after being issued the citation, a Grays Harbor District Court official said.

The ticket issued to Bloomquist does not indicate how many clams over the limit he had harvested on April 21. Fish and Wildlife spokesman Craig Bartlett said Thursday that he could not reach the officer who issued the ticket to find out how far he was over the limit.

"The catch limits and other rules are in effect to protect our resources," Bartlett said. "The rules apply to everyone, regardless of who they are."

Bloomquist was born in Bremerton and is a 1996 graduate of South Kitsap High School. He has spent his entire major league baseball career with the Mariners, and was called up to Seattle in 2002.

He lives in Peoria, Ariz, with his wife and daughter.

Mariners spokeswoman Rebecca Hale hadn't heard of Bloomquist's citation from Fish and Wildlife, and she had no immediate comment.

Through 20 games in 2008, Bloomquist had five hits in 32 at-bats and was hitting .156, according to His 2008 salary is $1 million, according to

The day Bloomquist was cited was on the Mariners' day off.

Jeremy Pawloski covers public safety for The Olympian. He can be reached at 360-754-5465 or