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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Rangers, May 14th

4:43 -- EVERYBODY!!! PUT ME IN COACH I'M READY TO PLAY!!! TODAY!! Miguel Cairoooooooooooo with a single to give the M's the lead. Of all the people to give Seattle a lead the last person I never thought it would be Cairo.

4:16 -- I was right Washburn is now warming up in the bullpen.

Also it looks as though Jose Lopez might have hurt his wrist when he collided with Balentien. To his credit, Balentien didn't budge which also makes him better at breaking tackles than Shaun Alexander..... thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

4:07 -- Now that JJ is in, here's a refreshing thought. ONly Cha Seung Baek remains in the bullpen and Jose Vidro is on the bench. I think we might see Batista or Washburn ambling out to the bullpen.

3:52 -- EVERYBODY!!! PUT ME IN COACH I'M READY TO PLAY!!! TODAY!! -- Miguel Cairo with a huge double play on the bunt.

3:43 -- A squandered opportunity there. Runner on third and less than two outs and Wlad can't get one out of the infield.

3:35 -- Huge catch for Wlad. Maybe this playing shallow thing is paying off.

3:26 -- Wow, Sean Green not looking so good and gives up back-to-back singles. Mac spent part of the pregame meeting talking about not wanting to let runners go first to third on a single, but Balentien was very cautious making sure he fielded it cleanly, probably looking to avoid what happened to him last night.

3:18 -- Carlos Silva left the game with lower back tightness.

3:08 -- Be honest, how many of you thought the Mariners were going to blow that one? I know I wasn't the only one. The M's come up with big double play to get out of the inning.

3:03 -- Brandon Morrow with two walks, he really battled Shelton, who had a fantastic at-bat. but it shows that Morrow still doesn't have much confidence in his secondary pitches, because he never threw them.

We now have Arthur Rhodes coming in to face Mariner killer Ramon Vazquez.

2:50 -- Silva is hurt and we're not quits sure what he did. I'll let you know as soon as we find out.

2:42 -- Yuni with a go-ahead double that he thought was a bomb and even went into his trot. If he sprints from the beginning, he gets a triple.

2:36 --- Wow, the Mariners get two breaks in one inning. First a throwing error by Vazquez and then Hamilton badly misjudging Clement's fly ball to center that led to an RBI triple. That was Clement's first major league triple - for obvious reasons, and the fifth of his career. HE actually had three last year with Tacoma.

2:28 -- just who is this master of pitching named Scott Feldman, who is dominating the Mariners. Well, was born in Kailua, Hawaii. He is 1-1 this season with a 4.07 ERA. In his brief career, he's 2-6 with a 4.34 ERA. Though you wouldn't know it today.

2:07 -- Mariners get a run on a Lopez double to left, good hustle by Raul to score from first. But the Mariners still have just three hits off of Scott Feldman.

1:53 -- I know some of you aren't like me and don't arise too early unless it's absolutely. So here's John McLaren's lengthy interview with Mitch Levy. It's pretty honest and interesting.

1:32 -- Wow the umpires huddle and get one right. Ichiro clearly made that catch and the reason we know this is that he argued with the ump about it. More importantly he didn't have to dive to do it.

Center fielder Ichiro Suzuki makes a sliding catch on a ball hit by Texas Rangers' Ramon Vazquez during the second inning today in Arlington, Texas.

Originally Chad Fairchild ruled it as no catch.

1:25 -- I'm about an inning behind. I was still trying to wrap up my pregame stuff and get it on the web.

One thing to note from the first inning -- McLaren said that they were concerned with runners advancing from first to third on base hits, so he was going to have the outfielders play a step or two more shallow. This is notable since, Michael Young's RBI double sailed just over Balentien's head.

The play at the plate seemed relatively close, but they never showed replays on the local Fox sports affiliate here. Was it really that close, or am I just grasping at straws?