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Pregame stuff and answers to a few questions...

Good Morning Mariners' fans. A little too early of a start for a pregame post, since I got to the field and went straight down to the clubhouse. I got up a little late because I spent a few hours writing my little 3 a.m. postgame rant. I guess you could say I was miffed a little with this team. I guess that's what happens when you cover 12 straight losses.

But as John McLaren said eariler in pregame, "It's a new day today."

Anyway here's my game story from today's paper.

And here's my game notebook.

We sat with a couple scouts during lunch and there was interesting comments. One of the scouts, who works for the Yankees, said this .... "If you want see a team that takes the field every night waiting to lose, that's them." Really? That's not a good thing.

He also said he thought the umps have squeezed Mariners' pitchers lately. When I asked him about Joh's receiving skills, he thought they were fine. But said that the pitches need not get caught up in who's catching them and instead worry pitch to pitch. "I always believed the less they think the better. Let the catcher do the thinking."

The other scout, who's scouted for 50 years, didn't have much good to say about the Mariners pitchers, especially the whole idea of pitching to a particular catcher.

"Just shut up and pitch the damn ball, you're getting paid 12 million dollar to do it," he said. "It's that simple. Everybody has a damn excuse these days."

I'm not certain if he spent the morning yelling at little kids to stay off his lawn. But what he said had some truth to it.

Let's take care of a few questions....

From yesterday...

From Squid: Yo RDiv: Just wondering your thought process on your game story in this morning's paper, leading with Morrow's performance. To me, the lead is Lopez' horrific error, or at the very least the main part of the story of the game.

Yo, Squid. I actually had that as my lead and most of my story written and then Joh had to go muck it up by hitting that game-tying home run. So then I wrote my lead around that really believing they were going to win. Unfortunately that didn't happen either, and I started over again with the Morrow thing.

Funny story though, when Joh walked to the plate, I actually said this to Baker and Andreissen, "I'll buy the first five rounds at the bar if he hits a bomb."

I didn't have to buy five, but I did buy a few.

From emitch423: Is Jojima using a new glove or something? Everytime I look up (haven't watched the whole game) he's dropping a fastball that was in his mitt. Maybe a notebook item you can ask him about tomorrow: The art of breaking in a new mitt at such a crucial position.

Joh is not breaking in a new mitt that I know of. He has several of the red gloves and he always takes great care of them. But he has dropped a few catchable balls recently. But Jamie Moyer used to say that Joh wasn't a great receiver and that his tendency to drop pitches over the plate and poor pitch framing skills cost pitchers strikes and outs.

Look, Joh isn't Johnny Bench and he isn't Pudge Rodriguez or Russell Martin, but he isn't Mike Piazza or Javy Lopez either.

But a closer breakdown of his defensive skills is something I'm looking into.