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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Rangers, May 13th

Yes, I know there was no pregame blogging, with exception of a press release from the Mariners. My apologies. We sat in the clubhouse a little longer than usual trying to get some stuff for out notebook for the paper, and I didn't come back and blog.

Not much going on...

I talked to former Mariner and last night's hero Ramon Vazquez and Ryan Rowland-Smith about their on-field conversation that featured the use of the F-word as noun, verb, adjective, interjection and possible an adverb. Neither made too big of deal about it. Basically they both thought the other was staring them down.

Vazquez said he wasn't trying to stare at Rowland-Smith, but the radar gun beyond him and Rowland-Smith said he thought Vazquez was glaring at him so he glared back, it's amazing how one little thing can spark something.

Not much else was going on, let's get to the updates, I'll post some other stuff throughout the game.


9:56 -- I have now covered 12 consecutive losses.

9:52 --- And an error by Wlad Balentien which costs them a run, and basically another run by allowing another runner to advance to third. And now the M's are down three. Anybody think they are coming back from three runs down in the ninth two nights in a row? Umm no.

9:37 --- Another nice catch by Josh Hamilton robbing Joh of a double and perhaps saving a run, and perhaps a win.

9:20 -- Well, that was interesting..... Raul drops a ball and it leads to a run eventually.

8:50 --- Joh comes up with a clutch double to left. He's starting to swing the bat pretty well as half the starting pitchers cringe every time he gets a hit.

8:14 -- Another walk? What is Felix channeling his inner Freddy Garcia.

8:08 -- Umm, I thought the Mariners hit lefties well?

7:54 -- It appears that Barry Bonds may have bigger things to worry about than playing this season. I'm thinking no team is going to pick him up this season.

7:45 -- Nothing like a little 1-2-3 double play to bail Felix out of a bad inning.

7:40 -- Gerald Laird with a single to score a run.

I realize it was tough play, but I think even Raul would admit he should have caught that ball that resulted ina double for Brandon Boggs.

7:34 -- An opportunity squandered by the Mariners. I would have kept having Johjima bunt.I don't care what he did in the last at-bat of the night.

7:21 -- Columnist Dave Boling writes about Bill Bavasi in today's paper. You can check out his column here.

And since we try to be an interactive newspaper.

You can vote on whether Bavasi should be fired here.

7:12 -- Adrian Beltre commits his seventh error of the season with an "ole" play at third. Perhaps if he wore a cup, he might want to get in front of the ball more.