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GAME THOUGHTS: plus, notes, quotes, links and whatever else comes to mind, May 12th


11:00--- Wow, Joh with a three-run bomb off CJ Wilson. Unbelievable.

oh and the Mariners pitchers have walked 13 batters this game.

I don't know who's happier right now Jose Lopez or Erik Bedard.

10:13 -- Wlad with a monster two-run home run to left. To cut the lead to 10-8. It's not an impossible comeback, but not an improbable one either. THey just need to keeping getting guys on base.

10:06 -- And that's going to be the ballgame barring a miracle. Lopez fails to make a routine play with two outs and the flood gates open for four runs in the seventh. All four runs in teh inning are unearned.

9:57 -- Hmm, it seems that Ryan Rowland-Smith and Ramon Vazquez are both quite able to use the F-bomb effectively. You don't need to be a lip reader to know that, the big Aussie isn't saying G'Day Mate to Vasquez. There is some bad blood between these teams.

I don't know what happened to my earlier posts but they are gone. Anyway, Jeff Clement hits a lead-off double for his first multi-hit game of the season, and he later scores on Yuni's double. But the Mariners fail to take the lead as Ichiro strikes out with one out and a runner on third.

8:23 -- thanks to our stats guru - Victor Yoshida - our Asian version of the Schwab, I've been informed I haven't covered a win since April 26th. That's for you Snydro

8:13 -- Cha Seung Baek woarming up, he may want to keep his head up. He might get hit by a baseball. Another single and it looks like Capt. Personality is out of here.

8:11 -- Back-to-back bombs, and they weren't short. REmember when Bedard said he thought giving up home runs were really funny when they go really far. I guess he found those last two funny, or maybe not.

And another ball off the fence. Remember that lead I was reminding Bedard about, it's gone.

7:50 -- If the wind isn't blowing, that ball Clement's hit would have gotten over the head of the right field.

7:40 -- Another run for Texas, does Bedard know he used to have a four-run lead?

7:25 -- Does Bedard know that he has a five-run lead?

7:18 -- Five runs in the first inning, I can't believe what I just saw, I also sat down below for the first two innings, just to get a different perspective and get out of the press box. This isn't a bad place to watch a game.


Check out Derek Jeter's social resume. In its May 20 editions, Maxim magazine will publish its "Hot 100" list, and six of the women on the list dated the Yankees' shortstop: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Minnillo and Gabrielle Union. In case you're wondering, the list includes none of Roger Clemens' gals.


A big thanks to the pride of Southern Miss University - no not that Favre guy - Don Ruiz for covering the game and also manning the blog. Here's his game story from yesterday, he also filed this game notebook.

* The Mariners are not the only team in the AL West to lose a few games in a row.


Ichiro CF -- Wouldn't use a pink bat yesterday, will wear a pink shirt today and everyday.

Vidro 1B -- The back must be better, a definite improvement over Cairo at the plate

Beltre 3B -- Still can't get over the look on his face when Ichiro got called out at home.

Ibanez LF -- Any reports of his loss of power were ended with one swing.

Lopez 2B -- Always smiling, always hitting it hard.

Clement DH -- I think he comes around starting this week

Johjima C -- It appears that Jamie Burke isn't Bedard's private catcher

Balentien RF -- FSN's Brad Adam is having a kid, he might name him Wlad Adam.

Betancourt SS -- Two hits with the pink bat yesterday, gotta stay with what works


Kinsler 2B -- Wonder if he and Felix exchanged pregame hugs

Young SS -- The guy hits. And as a fielder, the guy hits.

Hamilton CF -- Still didn't get much of a response on whether you'd trade Morrow for him.

Bradley DH -- Does anybody find it strange that he was the voice of reason in the fight.

Boggs LF -- Wonder if this Boggs can drink 64 beers on cross country flight.

Laird C -- Another member of the Felix fan club

Shelton 1B -- Yes, it's that Chris Shelton.

Duran RF -- I really have nothing quippy to say about him.

Vazquez 3B -- Or this guy either.


Padilla P -- Just one creepy looking dude and from what reports not the most sane guy.