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Bavasi backs McLaren, calls out his players

OK, here's what's going down.

KOMO's Shannon Drayer talked with Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi on the phone earlier this morning about the state of the team. Listen to that here.

About 10 minutes ago (10:41 a.m. Pacific time) we had a conference call with Bavasi as well to address manager John McLaren's job status and his thoughts of the team.

Basically, he said what's going on with the team is not McLaren's fault. He instead said that much of this is due to lack of player leadership in the clubhouse and execution from the players.

"We need that guy who's going to grab somebody by the throat and say this isn't how we do this," Bavasi said.

One thing also worth noting is that Bavasi is also taking some of the responsibility for this team, since, well he built it.

"It's my responsibility, the buck stops here," Bavasi said. "This is a club I think we all had a lot higher expectations on."