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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Yankees, May 23rd

The Mariners have lost three straight and 11 of 15 and 16 of 21 and just 7-17 on the road. Inspiring numbers to be sure.


8:54 -- This is just sad and nauseating to watch, kind of like a Dr. Phil show. It's 12-2 and Sean Green is getting rocked, and now they are bringing in R.A.

Here's Bedard's final line 4 1/3, 9 runs, 8 hits, and a walk with three strikeouts. Yep, it's all Johjima's fault.

8:39 -- Wow, well this games over with for certain, Bedard gets knocked around, including Matsui who's now 3-for-3 off him. Perhaps he took offense to how Bedard treated his fellow countryman.

8 p.m. -- so once again, I post about four or five paragraphs of thoughts and they don't save, thanks to the sweet software we are using. I've had it with this stuff. HEre's the gist of my thoughts

1. Ichiro mad at ump

2. McLaren mad and gets tossed

3. homeplate ump Mike DiMuro not so good.

4. It's 50-50 whether this even saves to the blog.

7:34 -- the Mariners have a lead, my God, I cannot believe it. Yuni Betancourt with an RBI single to left. Even more impressive, Betancourt laid off a couple pitches that weren't strike.

7:19 -- A-Rod's walk up music is "This is why I'm hot" by Mims. He makes it too easy to dislike him.

Here's today's lineups...

Ichiro CF ---

Lopez 2B --- McLaren wanted him back batting second because he seems to hit best there

Vidro DH --- .208, two homers, 19 RBI, name another No. 3 hitters with numbers that good

Ibanez LF --- He came in and took extra BP this afternoon, the guy's never afraid to work.

Beltre 3B -- .246 batting average, even lower with runners in scoring position

Sexson 1B --- .206 batting average, hardly the stuff of a comeback player of the year award winner.

Balentien RF --- Still striking out far too much for his liking or anyone elses.

Burke C --- That's Erik Bedard's personal catcher to you.


Bedard P --- he has Burke catching so no excuses are accepted.


Jeter SS --- as much as I want to I can't say much bad about him.

Abreu RF --- At least he isn't wearing the white glove

Rodriguez 3B --- never liked the guy, never will

Matsui RF --- doesn't have quite the Japanese media entourage as Ichiro

Giambi DH --- the Giambino has been getting booed some.

Shelley Duncan 1B --- never trust a guy with a first name of a female.

Robinson Cano, 2B --- got the big hit for the Yanks on Thursday night, might have been his only hit in weeks

Moeller C --- I have no idea who this guy is.

Cabrera CF --- Melky has been pukey at the plate.