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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Tigers, May 22nd

Ok, so I'm still having trouble with getting posts to register sometimes. It's like if you try and post more than a few times in a half hour, the system can't handle it. Probably not what you want to see from it.

I'm a little bitter because I typed in the starting lineups, complete with comments and they've now vanished into the Internet vortex.

Anyway let me post the line-ups below ...


3:47 -- From Chris Mulick - the Tri-Cities Herald state gov't reporter in Olympia....

At any rate, reading your blog while watching the miserable game this morning I thought I'd mention that the broadcast crew has spent the last inning and a half talking about hockey. Perhaps that says something about the game and this team.

Chris, I'd be talking about hockey too at this point, and I don't even like hockey.

3:24 -- I'm slowly losing my mind here, and my will to post anything. It's now 9-2, and getting worse with every inning. I really think if this continues into the weekend we could see a managerial change to open the homestand.

3:01 -- Joyce now with a diving catch on an Ichiro pop-up....

2:53 -- Matt Joyce just crushed a ball off of Dickey into the right field stands. Dickey is going to give up some hits and a few runs, which makes him like everybody else on the staff.

2:37 -- Sorry for the break, but I was applying for my passport on-line, I'm leaving this job to find a desert island where things like Beltre swinging at pitches above his head, and

Betancourt swinging at everything and starting pitchers not going more than four innings doesn't exist. Nothing but beers, beaches and bikinis. Or a june trip to Toronto.

BAses loaded for Raul? Double play that gets a run in

1:45 -- Reed nearly makes a brilliant catch, the ball in his glove and the glove comes off, I'm guessing Raul doesn't make that catch, or even gets his glove on it. It's now 4-0, and i can hear radios all over the Puget Sound being clicked off.

1:30 -- The Mariners down 1-0 after one. Batista allows an RBI double to Ordonez and Sheffield scores on a close play at the plate. Joh didn't quite have the plate blocked very well.

1:15 --- Ichiro gets to third after an infield single and a two-base error on a bad pick-up throw from Bonderman. And you know what? He doesn't score. Beltre pops up to second, Lopez hits a bullet to third that Guillen gloves and Ibanez flies out to left. A runner on third no outs and no runs .... "Mariners Baseball: The Mojo's Risin'"

Ichiro CF

Beltre 3B

Lopez 2b

Ibanez DH

Sexson 1B

Reed LF

Johjima C

Balentien RF


Batista P

* little different look, the outfield defense should be a little better. And it's another game that the M's make sure Jose Vidro doesn't get those 450 plate appearances.


Granderson CF

Polanco 2B

Sheffield DH

Ordonez RF

Cabrera 1B

Guillen 3B

Joyce LF

Renteria SS

Inge C


The pride of Pasco and the prince of free passes --- Bonderman