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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Tigers, May 21st

Well, here we are. Another game for the Mariners, more thoughts, more banalities, more of me trying to come up with something quippy to say. Like the Mariners, I'm running out of answers.

Of course, I'll be paying close attention to how Washburn does with Burke behind the plate. But if you look at his numbers, they are not quite as dramatic a difference between catchers.

K Johjima 6 games, 138 plate appearances, 21 runs, 36 hits, 8 doubles, 1 triple, 7 homers, 8 walks, 25 strikeouts, .293 battting average, .348 on-base percentage, .545 slugging percentage.

J Burke 3 games, 58 plate appearances, 5 runs, 16 hits, 5 doubles, 0 0 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, .302 average, .316 on-base percentage, .396 slugging.


9:24 --- I now take back all the times I teased Sonics writer Eric Williams about covering a losing team.

9:19 --- Squid, per your comment about my choice of Shania photos, I can't put scantily cla ones of her up. I think we all know she's quite attractive for a 42-year old woman.

8:48 ---- I have no idea what's going on with our blog software, suddenly it's not saving some of my posts to this thread. But you know what nothing surprises me. It's inferior software and it really makes me want to pick my laptop and fire it through the press box window. I've wanted to make some changes to the blog to make it more reader friendly, but I think we're waiting to get some new software. Not sure when. Right now, I feel like I'm going to gun fight with a slingshot. It's times like this where I wonder why even try to blog. AS you can tell I'm irritated. Probably from covering bad baseball.

Anyways, the Mariners have managed to put some stuff together off Kenny Rogers and cut the lead down to 9-4.

It's starting to rain hard, but this game is official regardless.

My buddy Wally back on the desk came up with a funny thought. When Washburn was getting shelled, McLaren should have called time, walked to the mound, and changed catchers, just to prove a point.

7:45 --- Yuni with a homer to left-center, the ball traveled an estimated 396 feet.

7:20 --- Jarrod Washburn might get drilled with a line drive at this point. That's two back through the box on him tonight. Not a good pitch to Inge on 1-2, an 85 mile per hour fastball that caught too much of the inside part of the plate and stayed belt high.