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Burke and Bedard together forever? Well, at least for the time being.

Manager John McLaren briefly apologized for often repeating the same things over and over during his pregame talks with the media. Of course with the daily losses, everyday probably feels like groundhog day to him.

"You know I feel like I'm saying the same things every day," he said.

And perhaps that's why he decided to let us know that Jamie Burke will be catching Erik Bedard for the foreseeable future. You have to love his his blatant honesty. God knows Mike Hargrove would have never admitted as much.

What led us into this little nugget of information is when it was made mention that Burke was catching starter Jarrod Washburn today. Normally Kenji Johjima would catch today and be given tomorrow off, but McLaren switched that. Partially because Washburn and Johjima haven't always been "on the same page" in the last few starts. So McLaren decided to go with Burke.

"Whenever we can do it we'll try to do it," McLaren said. "I'm not going to switch everything all around, but when we have the opportunity we'll do it."

But McLaren admitted that he will make whatever concession necessary to have Burke catch Bedard.

"You gotta look at it two ways, if a guy having success with one guy, you definitely gotta weigh that heavily, that doesn't lie," McLaren said. "We've got kind of that situation with Burke and Bedard. It's been a good combination so we're going to stick with it for awhile."

So basically Burke will become Bedard's personal catcher. Like Eddie Rodriguez for Greg Maddux, Joe Girardi and John Flannery for Mike Mussina.

And McLaren's right the numbers don't lie.

Here's Bedard's numbers with Burke catching ..

4 games, 2-2 record with a 1.57 ERA, 28.2 innings pitched, 109 plate appearances, 7 runs, 17 hits, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 2 home runs, 7 walks, 25 strikeouts, .168 batting average against, .229 on-base percentage, .277 slugging.

Here's Bedard's numbers with Joh catching....

3 games, 1-0 record, 6.92 ERA, 13 innings pitched, 67 plate appearances, 11 runs, 15 hits, 2 doubles, 0 triples, 5 home runs, 12 walks, 12 strikeouts, .283 batting average, .418 slugging....