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Pregame Notes: Red Sox vs. Mariners, May 28th

Guess who's back? Back again. Shady's back, tell your friends. ...

Gotta love quoting some old Eminem...

Yep, I'm back, well sort of, I'm actually not covering the game tonight. That honor goes to our Coug/golf writer Todd Milles. I'm actually up here doing a little work, but will be sneaking away from the game a little early, so no game thoughts from me tonight. I'm not getting lazy on you, I asked for a few days off to recover from the road trip. But I'll be back full strength for the Tigers series and the Angels series.

And since I've wrote about two wins in the last 24 games covered, I think that's probably a good thing that I'm not covering it. I actually went to last night's game as a fan. No, I didn't sport any Red Sox or Mariners gear. I was sporting a Long Beach State hat. Anyway, the experience was pretty fun, even with the obnoxious Sox fans everywhere.

One thing that is different is that I've been brainwashed into never cheering. I never cheer, never yell (except when the beer guys comes by and at Montana football games), but I will say that I did get a little excited when Morrow struck out Manny and Lowell and Lopez came through.

That's the one thing about Morrow, I know everybody wants to convert him to a starter, and I guess I agree with that, but when you see what he can do in a relief role it's tantalizing to think about him being a closer one day.

If you look at the situation he came into last night, he was the only one, besides JJ built to succeed. You needed to have strikeouts, not just outs like Mark Lowe would get, or groundballs like Sean Green would induce. The Mariners needed strikeouts and with Morrow's sick velocity, he was the only one going to do that.

I know McLaren said that the transition for Morrow to being a starter could happen soon, but I wouldn't start trying to anticipate when to buy tickets his first start in Safeco, unless you are looking at tickets for next season.

McLaren has said they are only in the talking stages, and Morrow said that management told him, "it's not going to happen this year."

A few notes....

* Jarrod Washburn's start has been pushed back again. It will now be RHP Carlos Silva on Friday, RHP Felix Hernandez on Saturday, RHP Miguel Batista on Sunday.

McLaren was kind of contradictory saying that Washburn didn't get pushed back because he was shelled for nine runs and 11 hits in his last outing against the Tigers, but then said that they are going to try and go with the best match-ups when they can.

* Miguel Cairo is starting again tonight. McLaren said he likes the energy that he brings to the game and he wants to give Richie another day off to clear his head. I asked if he thought some of Richie's struggles might be due to the suspension. McLaren thought it might be the case. Now let's kid ourselves, Richie wasn't exactly tearing the cover off the ball before the suspension. But since he's had 17 strikeouts in 36 at-bats since he's returned.

* Jamie Burke is also starting tonight as Bedard's personal catcher. We'll see if it works better than the last time in New York. But because Burke is starting, Cairo has been moved to second in the batting order and Jose Lopez has been slotted in the fifth spot.