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Boston 5, Mariners 3 -- Postgame notes

Well, it was a pretty quiet clubhouse again.

Manager John McLaren thought Felix pitched well and had his best stuff of the season. But the eighth inning just fell apart with some bad breaks.

"There's some encouragement but we are just looking for a win," Mariners manager John McLaren said. "Moral victories; that's not what we are looking for."

Felix also tried to remain positive, but also admitted he wasn't pleased with taking the loss and how the eighth inning went down.

"I'm not frustrated. I've just got to find a way to win some games, that's all," Hernandez said.

As for Ichiro's catch the conversation was interesting as usual ...

Here's his quotes ..

On the catch?

Yesterday for some reason, some people thought I should have caught the ball yesterday for some reason. So today I thought I'm going to go for this ball no matter what. I don't care if I get injured or anything. I had a lot of stress piled up from yesterday. So that was my thoughts.

Because of that I don't remember much about what happened in the play, I just let my body go. I kind of thought the wall was near, I don't remember what really happened.

Was he hurt?

I was not dizzy, but I felt kind of unsure about my neck and hips and I was checking them to be sure.

And now?

I'm alive.

On keeping his hat on?

My hat was down here so I couldn't see, so I pushed my hat up to see. I guess in that second I was pretty calm and collected.

What did he think after watching it on the jumbotron?

I thought as long as I don't look ugly it was all good.

On who was saying he should have caught the ball?

I don't think that's necessary for me to say.

After saying things might be falling apart, is he seeing signs that it might be getting better?

I don't know. I hope so. But I don't know.

Also for the guys over at USS Mariner, Shannon Drayer told him of the quest to find beer from Papua New Guinea and he found that quite amusing. "I didn't know that, you mean there's an article about that ..."

Here's some other final stuff ...

Colon went 7 innings allowing one run on five hits and struck out four, and you're right Orogenic Colon didn't pitch that well, but when you have some of the Mariner hitters blindly hacking at anything, he's going look good.

For Sharkhawk: The announced attendance was 35,818, about 60 percent Red Sox fans.

Ortiz's home run was a 12th of the season and Felix said it was a changeup and a good pitch.

All five of Boston's runs were scored on two outs.

The win snapped a seven-game Boston road losing-streak.

Felix has now lost five straight games. During that run his ERA is 5.55