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GAME THOUGHTS: Red Sox vs. Mariners, May 26 (5-3 loss)

Another large crowd, with plenty of Sox fans, I'm sure a few M's fans might have sold their tickets for this series.


9:41 -- Papelbon makes it interesting, but the Mariners still lose.

9:26 -- Just an unreal play by Adrian Beltre for a double play. I know he's not hitting well now, and he's made a few errors in the field, but there are only maybe two other third basemen in the league that can make that play.

9:03 -- and the wheels have fallen off. Pedroia and Manny jump on pitches over the plate and with the Mariners, once they get down, they stay down.

Well, this just sucks. 1-1 going in 5-1 now.

8:26 -- How many American League teams have their DH and No. 3 hitter sacrfice with two on and nobody out in a one run game? The Mariners that's who. And I couldn't agree more with it. You need runs.

And it worked. Tie game, good at-bat by Raul, it wasn't easy. He got behind a little.

8:01 -- And that is why I would pay to watch a game Ichiro plays in. Just an unbelievable catch and he slammed opened the fence with melon. THe play received standing ovation from the fans here, all of them, not just the Mariners.

I think the coolest thing when a player makes a great play is when all the players wait at the front of dugout for him to come in. That is so cool.

7:51 -- Ortiz with a bomb to center off a two-seamer that was barely in the bottom part of the line-up. It was pretty good hit. That pitch was in the bottom of the strike zone. As expected Felix was not to happy. I couldn't tell if he was yelling at Joh about it or not.

7:46 -- Alright no more dancing ushers till this team wins a game.

7:42 -- Ichiro can't get a run home, popping up to shallow center, perhaps the beers of Papua New Guinea are taking their toll.

7:35 -- Felix looking pretty sharp. What I like is that he's not trying to strike everybody out and he's pitching to contact.

7:30 -- Colon strikes out Ibanez and then Beltre and screams .... "Get in my belly!!"



Jacoby Ellsbury CF -- Another strong product of the 2005 draft.

Dustin Pedroia 2B -- I can't help but like him, then again I like most major leaguers I'm taller than -- Pedroia, David Eckstein, Chone Figgins, Mike Gallego.

David Ortiz DH --- Big Papi vs. Vidro in the battle of DHs, who you got?

Manny Ramirez LF --- How many Manny being Manny moments will there be over the next three days

Mike Lowell 3B -- He's starting to hit, which makes the lineup much more dangerous.

J.D. Drew RF -- The only thing more frustrating about watching Drew play would be if he wore a Mariners uniform.

Jason Varitek C -- Remember this guy was traded along with Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb. I will now jump out of the press box.

Sean Casey 1B -- a late replacement for Kevin Youkilis

Julio Lugo SS -- One shortstop in the AL that I wouldn't take over Betancourt.


Bartolo Colon P -- looks to be in better shape, he's only weighing about 290 with 250 of it in his butt and mid section.


Ichiro CF -- was his beers and booing line a joke or a prediction

Jose Lopez 2B -- Lopey was kind of mopey the other day after making that error, which he should have been.

Jose Vidro DH -- Mac says he's healthy and starting to hit again.

Raul Ibanez LF -- Clearly frustrated after his performance in NY. He'll punish himself with more work in the cage and weight room.

Adrian Beltre 3B -- Still hitting under .150 with runners in scoring position.

Jeremy Reed RF -- his last at-bat in the YAnkees game was something to build from.

Richie Sexson 1B -- Richie dropped all the way down to seventh behind REed, Beene said it's only cause they can't bat him 10th.

Kenji Johjima C --

Yuniesky Betancourt SS -- he doesn't get cheated, ever.


Felix Hernandez P -- You mean Tiger. I don't think he'll be talking about his golf game in public anymore.