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Good Morning from rainy Boston, June 6th

photo from Athens Journal

Yes it is raining here and it appears no sign of stopping for today.

I spent all of Thursday flying across the country. I was planning on writing on the plane and then posting when I landed, but somehow, I got stuck in a middle seat and so that was out of the question.

First of all, one quick complaint -- Why do I miss out on all the good stuff? Larry comes back last week and gets to write about a win, and then gets the day when McLaren goes off and Bavasi force all the players to stand in front of the locker to talk about this season. How do I miss out on all of that?

Then again in the last 27 games I've covered, the Mariners have won exactly two games.

I think it says something about Richie and his commitment to this team though that he was the one player who refused to stand in front of his locker after being ordered to by Bavasi. The guy simply seems to care about nothing but his own self.

I'm still figuring out my addition by subtraction decisions.

Let's get to some business here ...

A big thanks to Darrin for manning the blog yesterday and posting the draft updates. I don't know much about the Mariners first pick -- Josh Fields, but I did watch quite a few Canes' games on TV this year and second round pick Dennis Rabin wasn't too bad, but I reserve all judgment on college hitters because they use the metal bats. Some of the Mariners picks will be playing today.

Fields and the Georgia Bulldogs at 9 a.m. on ESPN 2

Raben and the Hurricanes will play at 4 p.m. on ESPN.

Larry LaRue was up at Safeco covering the draft. Here's his story from there.

Columnist John McGrath offers his own opinions about the Mariners draft in his column.

And since it was draft week and the Mariners are playing the Red Sox and desperate need of a leader, I wrote about the one that got away -- Jason Varitek.

It wasn't a dull night here in Boston last night. Obviously, the NBA Finals were going on so that made it interesting night, but it wasn't dull last night at Fenway Park. I'm sure you've seen the highlights of the brawl on the field involving Coco Crisp, pitcher James Shields and DH Jonny Gomes and others.

According to Crisp, the Rays hit like girls.

Also Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis got into it in the dugout over something, some people think it was Manny's non-chalant effort to get out to the melee and protect teammates.

Perhaps the biggest news should be that outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury injured his wrist on a diving catch. Ellsbury is day-to-day, but he joins David Ortiz as possible players who may miss the series.

Here's the story from the Rays' perspective in which Shields backs his motives.

I don't disagree with him in the least, but Gomes running in and taking cheap shots is over the top. Gomes should be suspended for at least five games, if not more.