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First round is over

The first round of baseball's annual draft is finished. The next part of the draft involves compensation for free-agent signings. The Mariners do not have one of these 16 picks. Their next pick is in the second round, which will be the 66th overall selection.

Here's a list of the compensation picks:

31. Minnesota Twins (Hunter/LAA)

32. Milwaukee Brewers (Cordero/CIN)

33. New York Mets (Glavine/ATL)

34. Philadelphia Phillies (Rowand/SF)

35. Milwaukee Brewers (Linebrink/CWS)

36. Kansas City Royals (Riske/MIL)

37. San Francisco Giants (Feliz/PHI)

38. Houston Astros (Miller/TB)

39. St. Louis Cardinals (Percival/TB)

40. Atlanta Braves (Mahay/KC)

41. Chicago Cubs (Kendall/MIL)

42. San Diego Padres (Brocail/HOU)

43. Arizona Diamondbacks (Hernandez/MIN)

44. New York Yankees (Vizcaino/COL)

45. Boston Red Sox (Gagne/MIL)

46. San Diego Padres (Cameron/MIL)