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Addition by Subtraction Now on the Table - So Who Gets Subtracted First?

John McLaren looks and sounds like what he is – the manager of a team that has become a colossal disappointment and doesn't appear on the verge of turning its season around.

"Ownership isn't happy, the fans aren't happy and nobody in this clubhouse should be happy," McLaren said. "People have had it. They want results. Some of the guys might be complacent, and they shouldn't be.

"There's always the concept of addition by subtraction. That's a possibility here."

Take control of the team – at least online. If this team starts making major overhauls on the field, where would you start?

Forget for the moment the general manager and manager, focus only on the 25-man roster. Who goes, who changes roles, who replaces who?

And try to enjoy Carlos Silva's 13th start.