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GAME THOUGHTS: Angels at Mariners, June 3rd

Alright I'm way behind here. I had to transcribe a bunch of notes from the meeting with Bob Fontaine. I haven't forgot about game thoughts, give me a few minutes and I'll catch up.

OK, here's what I have....

"Monsieur de Silence" (there was another french word I could have used there) otherwise known as Erik Bedard has given up three runs in the first three innings. Adrian Beltre's first inning error on lead-off hitter Reggie Willits led to one run and Bedard gave up a two-run single to Maicer Izturis... did you know Izturis is Spanish for "I hit non-talking french guys."

The Mariners have done nothing against Joe Saunders. The Mojo's Risin.


9:37 -- R.A. Dickey leaves to a standing ovation from the Safeco Field. He earned it, I think he might have earned a little more than that tonight. Ask yourself this would you rather start him, or Batista or Washburn right now?

9:19 -- I know you guys are sick of hearing about the blog issues. But what it is, is when I post something I have to wait for a long period of time - up to four minutes - to post something in the same post again. It's very frustrating.

Anyway since I neglected it yesterday it's time for.....


First here's Grant Clark's story from yesterday's game.

In it you'll find that Jeff hit another home run and also now leads the PCL in slugging percentage.

Jeff is hitting .369 with 15 doubles, 11 homers, 34 RBI, 28 walks and slgguing .738 with an OBP of 1.226.

Here's his the Rainiers stats.

9:05 --- Again, I'm having some issues with the blog software not saving things. And it's like having conversation with Bedard - frustrating.

Here's a recap -- R.A.Dickey has come in and pitched solid --- which he always does.

The Angels booted the ball all over the infield allowing the Mariners to score three runs in the fifth all with two outs, so known of the runs are earned.

It's now 5-4, the Mariners trail by a run, but there is hope and as Dickey once told us ..."Hope is the quintessential human emotion."

8:27 --- Jose Lopez with a solo homer to get the Mariners on the board. Besides Ichiro, who will likely get voted in, Lopez is probably the Mariners only other all-star candidate. I told a reader ealrier in an email that if Bedard put together three or four good starts before the game he might have a chance. I now retract that statement.

8:16 -- Remember when I wrote about Jarrod Washburn wanting to "wear the loss" against the Tigers a few weeks back. I'm not thinking Capt. Personality wanted to do the same. Bedard leaves in the middle of the fourth and R.A. Dickey is in the game.

And he gets them out of the inning.

8:05 -- It appears that Jamie Burke's personal pitcher is pitching around No. 9 hitter Jeff Mathis, who's now walked twice. To be fair Mathis did hit a homer off of Jarrod Washburn yesterday.