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GAME THOUGHTS: Angels vs. Mariners, June 2

Remember during spring training when the Mariners made it a point to beat the Angels in an exhibition game. It was almost like a psychological ploy to say "hey, we're here and good enough to beat you this season."

Really though, the Angels weren't worried back then and they aren't worried now.

It's funny the Mariners made such a big deal about beating the Angels, but this series seems pretty mundane at this point. Even if Seattle swept the series, they'd still be 9 1/2 games back.


9:18 --- Lopez cuts the lead to 4-2 with a solo home run - his third of the season, knocking Santana out of the game after 109 pitches and a pretty salty performance.

9:04 -- Not much going for the Mariners offensively against Ervin Santana. But he did this to them in Anaheim as well. Then again a lot of pitchers tend to do this to the Mariners.

8:35 -- From emitch423: Please, someone tell me why Bill Bavasi has a job!

It's a question I'm asked daily, and still don't have an answer for, but I'd be glad to hear your reasoning for it.

If somebody did have a logical answer they need to be doing my job then.

8:13 -- Another example of how dangerous maple bats are as Raul gets sawed off and his busted bat flies into the crowd and hits a young kid.

Beltre follows that up with a strike out where he swung at a pitch above his head. I don't know that Yuni would have even swung at that...

8:07 -- Well, the lead goes to 4-1 as Washburn gives up a slew of singles and a fielder's choice for two more runs.

7:55 -- Mariners cut it down on a triple from Ichiro (I think the triple is one of the most exciting plays in baseball) and then Lopez scores him with a double.

7:42 -- There's a 2-0 lead for the Angels, and my ability to jinx the Mariners continues ...

Washburn just left a pitch up and Mathis, the No. 9 hitter and back-up catcher, hit his fourth home run of the season.

7:31 -- It appears that the extended break has not helped Richie, who grounded into a 6-4-3 double play. And more than a few boos greeted the result.

7:25 -- It appears that the extended break has helped Jarrod Washburn, who's looked very sharp so far, needing just 18 pitches to make it through two innings.

Here's the lineups ....


Maicer Izturiz SS -- Izturiz is spanish for "can't hit."

Howie Kendrick 2B -- back after gimpy hamstring kept him out for a month

Garrett Anderson LF -- is it me or has this guy been playing for the Angels forever

Torii Hunter CF

Juan Rivera DH

Gary Matthews RF

Casey Kotchman 1B -- Hmm a first baseman with an average over .300 and 30 RBI? Do the Mariners have that?

Robb Quinlan 3B -- is the second "b" really necessary?

Jeff Mathis C


Ervin Santana P


Ichiro CF -- second in the AL with 24 stolen bases.

Lopez 2B

Vidro DH

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B -- nine of his homers are solo home runs, maybe it's because he's batting under .150 with runners in scoring position.

Reed RF

Sexson 1B -- He's back in the lineup tonight, wouldn't it be funny if he hit a two-run homer in his first at-ba

Johjima C -- He has his own celebrity imposter at the game, the guy calls himself Joh-jim-man.

Betancourt SS


Washburn P