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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Blue Jays, June 11th (2-1 win)

It's kids day here at the Rogers Centre. That means roughly 25,000 screaming kids. It's like a constant din of screams, most likely sugar induced. Cotton Candy sales will be high today.

I'm not saying I dislike kids. But I'm not saying I like them either. It's so annoying I've got the iPod rolling right now ... a little Eminem for Snydro -- It's "Shake That ***" which Ichiro would play in the clubhouse last season after every game.

Since I forgot to do it yesterday, we'll do it right away. Put your hands together for everybody's favorite running segment ....


Two days worth of goodness, especially with my boy and voice of the Rainiers Mike Curto covering the games for the paper.

On Monday, Clement hit his fourth homer in four games, giving him 14 on the season and eight since he was demoted by the Mariners

On Tuesday, Clement's homer streak came to an end, but he still went 1-for-3 with a double.

So as of this morning, Clement is hitting .364 with 17 doubles, 14 homers, 43 RBI, 33 walks, an OBP of .484, a slugging of .747 and an OPS of 1.231, in comparison if you add the OPS of Richie Sexson .610 and Jose Vidro .663, you get 1.273.


3:09 -- Ok there appears to be something wrong with JJ's arm. He was shaking it a couple different times after throwing pitches. They went out and checked on him and signaled for Morrow.

The youngster has come in dealing - He struck out Wells, with a 97 mile per hour fastball and also struck out Matt Stairs. And Raul makes a nice catch against the wall off an Overbay shot to end the game.

2:55 -- Since this an away game, JJ doesn't get his entrance music, so we'll play it for him.

2:53 -- Raul delivers a big hit, driving in Ichiro to give the M's a 2-1 lead. BJ Ryan looks to have been ejected after Raul got the hit.

2:48 -- Ichiro has taken matters into his own hands stealing second and third and taking advantage BJ Ryan's very slow and lumbering delivery.

2:40 -- Willie with the golden sombrero for four strikeouts in one game.

2:07 -- OK the Mariners just tied the game. But I don't know how good they feel about it. Let's see, they get back-to-back singles from Reed and Sexson to open the inning. So they decide to have Johjima try for his second sac bunt of the series and the second of his Mariners career. But that doesn't work out so well. He pops the bunt up to the catcher, who then fires to short to get Jeremy Reed, who had gotten too far off base. And even if Reed had been closer, he could have got Richie, who was caught even farther off first.

So with Richie at first Betancourt steps up and delivers a triple to the gap. With Betancourt on third with two outs, the Blue Jays obviously walk Ichiro to get to Bloomquist, who doesn't strike out, but just pops up to second to end the inning.

1:57 -- Felix just worked out of a big jam. Inglett, who I've never heard of before now, doubled again this time to left giving the Jays runners on second and third with one out, but Felix struck out Wells and got Matt Stairs to ground out to end the inning.

1:48 -- I'm going to be on KJR with Ian Furness at about 1:20 Seattle time. So if you want, you can tune in or click on here and listen to me sound like an idiot, instead of just reading my thoughtless ramblings.

1:42 -- Shaun Marcum now has nine strikeouts through six innings. Three of those strikeouts belong to Willie, who's batting in the No. 2 spot. Because of that, Willie can go from the hat trick (three Ks in one game) to the golden sombrero (four Ks) to possibly the platinum sombrero (the elusive 5 Ks in one game).

Jeremy Reed made a costly mistake trying to pick up Joe Inglett's double to right too quickly and having it slide under his glove. That allowed Inglett to advance to third and later score on grounder to second.

1:16 -- A real barnburner, not that many of you are watching. Anyway, Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum has struck out seven hitters in four innings and finally allowing his first hit a to Jose Vidro in the fourth.

Felix has been almost as good, allowing just one hit and a walk, while striking out two.

Here's today's lineups ...


Ichiro CF

Bloomquist 3B

Vidro DH

Ibanez LF

Lopez 2B

Reed RF

Sexson 1B

Johjima C

Betancourt SS


Hernandez P

Blue Jays

Eckstein SS

Inglett 2B

Wells CF

Stairs DH

Overbay 1B

Mench LF

Wilkerson RF

Scutaro 3B

Thigpen C


Marcum P