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PREGAME NOTES: Banged up Beltre gets a break

Adrian Beltre won't be in the starting line-up today. Manager John McLaren has given him a day off and some much needed rest. Beltre, who rarely sits, has been "beat up a little bit" McLaren said.

McLaren had originally planned to DH Ichiro today, but with Beltre out, McLaren decided against it, saying there was too much going on to do that.

Willie Bloomquist will start in place of Beltre. There isn't any one thing bothering Beltre per se, but he's been playing all season with a torn ligament in his thumb on his glove hand that he actually suffered last season, but never got it surgically repaired. The pain is a nuisance for him and it can worsen through hard play in the field.

With a win today, the Mariners could finish the road trip .500, it's far from anything to do cartwheels over, but at this point minor victories are something.

"I think it would be big," McLaren said. "It would be a nice step forward."

Let's do some linkaging (Is that a word? It is now).

* I knew Dustin McGowan was pretty talented, but he was pretty filthy yesterday. He hit 99 on the stadium gun in the ninth inning.

* Apparently one of the factors to Brandon Morrow's most recent shoulder issue could be how he's sleeping at night.

* News Tribune columnist John McGrath weighs in on the firing of Jeff Pentland in always unique way.


Here's today's lineups ...


Ichiro CF

Bloomquist 3B

Vidro DH

Ibanez LF

Lopez 2B

Reed RF

Sexson 1B

Johjima C

Betancourt SS


Hernandez P

Blue Jays

Eckstein SS

Inglett 2B

Wells CF

Stairs DH

Overbay 1B

Mench LF

Wilkerson RF

Scutaro 3B

Thigpen C


Marcum P