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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Blue Jays, June 10th

Little behind, but not bad. Had to switch my wireless connection. Much like my cell phone, my Verizon air card is roaming. So the TNT will be getting hit for about eight hours worth of roaming yesterday.

Burke is in the lineup today. Joh will start tomorrow because he hits Shaun Marcum well.


9:00 -- I kind of got the feeling that nobody was watching. Morrow is in the game right now. So we'll see how the shoulder is. He talked about it earlier being sore because of possibly sleeping on it wrong. He said he sleeps on his stomach with arms under his pillow and that sometimes can lead to it. But he also admitted hes really being throwing with high leverage in the last few weeks and that also had to play a role.

8:33 --- The Blue Jays go up 3-1 on an RBI single by Scott Rolen to right field. It was yet another groundball just out of the reach of a diving Jose Lopez. I know we talk about Raul's lack of range in left, but Lopez doesn't have much more at second. How many times this year has he had groundballs get by "just out of his reach" that a more athletic second baseman at leasts knocks down and prevents a run from scoring.

I know Lopey has been good with the bat, but he's got to find a way to knock that down.

And I have no idea why Silva was standing out in front of home plate and cut the ball off. He should have been behind home backing up the throw. Who does he think he is? Derek Jeter.

I honestly think he was a little POed at Lopez for not getting to that ball.

8:17 -- Oh my God, Brad Wilkerson just hit a home run. I looked at Baker and a few others in the area, and said two pitches before: "Wilkerson is going to hit a home run." Unreal. I'm sure Bavasi is loving that in the gm's box.

8:01 -- Jeremy Reed makes up for his miscue last night with a solo home run to right to tie the game.

7:59 -- Toronto's Matt Stairs has the old Stone Cold Steve Austin theme as his walk-up music, while the pride of Centralia Lyle Overbay has Pearl Jam's Jeremy or Evenflow as his walk-up music. That's far more interesting than this game right now.

7:32 -- 1-0 Toronto leads after Vernon Wells just takes Silva deep to center.

7:10-- Ichiro gets a lead-off single and never makes it second base. The hitters don't move him and he doesn't move himself. Mariners baseball: Mojo Risin'

Here's the lineups...


Ichiro CF

Vidro DH

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Lopez 2B

Reed RF

Sexson 1B

Burke C

Betancourt SS


Silva P

Blue Jays

Rios RF

Stairs DH

Rolen 3B

Wells CF

Overbay 1B

Barajas C

Wilkerson RF

Inglett 2B

Eckstein SS


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