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Pregame Notes: Morrow's hurting, Rotation for Marniers-Nationals series

Just got this from the Mariners, here's the rotation for the upcoming Nationals series.

Friday - Miguel Batista

Saturday - Erik Bedard

Sunday - Jarrod Washburn

Not much going on here at the stadium. I watched some early BP from my hotel room

It was the usual suspects Reed, Balentien, Cairo, Burke, Bloomquist and they were joined by Raul Ibanez.

Ibanez was very clear yesterday that the players should hold themselves accountable for Pentland's firing.

I know we've made fun of Miguel Cairo on this blog, and I have questioned his even being on the roster, but I have to admit that he's growing on me a little. The guy has pretty good sense of what his strengths and limitations are. He basically won the game for the Mariners last night with his ability to handle the bat and make plays in the field.

Does that mean I think they need to have both Cairo and Bloomquist on the roster at the same time?


Also my notebook mentions the fact that Brandon Morrow has a sore shoulder and was unavailable the past few days, including last night.

This recent health issue with Morrow, which is also similar to the problem he had during the spring, makes me wonder how Morrow will hold up physically as a starter. I know that as a reliever getting up and down and pitching back-to-back days and going all out for one inning at a time takes its toll.

But 100 pitches in one outing takes its toll in a different way. Can Morrow eventually be that guy that gives you 200 innings in a season as a starter. Obviously if he joins the rotation next year, that probably wouldn't happen in his first season.

You also have to wonder if Morrow's lighter physical frame - 185 pounds at most times - could cause the problems that the Mariners feared would befall Tim Lincecum when they passed him over for Morrow. Morrow has admitted that with his diabetes and also his high metabolism its hard for him put and keep weight on. And the kid eats a lot.

I don't know these are things you wonder at night with a glass of crown royal in your hand.

From DP95:

Thank you, Delta Airlines, for sparing us from having to read more about this. ;D

Welcome to the blog DP95, your smart aleck ways will fit in nicely, plus I like that you offer some differing opinions from a few others, nothing better than some debate.

Speaking of debate, Jeremy Reed was pulled from the game last night because of his ghastly base running mistake - you can read about it in more detail in the notebook linked above.

But it leads me to this question ..

After watching Betancourt clearly play a careless, unfocused and terrible game at short and the plate last night, shouldn't McLaren bench him similarly to prove the same point?