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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners at Blue Jays, June 9th (3-2 win)

I'm a little behind, but not too bad. Obviously the Pentland news changed my day a little. But also the fact that after I arrived from my 6 a.m. flight from Boston, my bags did not. Besides my extra few visits through the Canadian customs (definitely some racial profiling), I spent a little while with lost luggage lady, who was very nice and somewhat helpful.

I just got off the phone with Delta and the bags have been located, so I won't be covering a game in cargo shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops for tomorrow. Today? Well it's casual work Monday.

Also I want to wish my sister a happy birthday, I think she's 30, but today's her birthday and it was my mom's on June 7th. With mine being on June 3rd, it's like a second Christmas. Anyway besides the handful of you crazed Mariner fans that read, my family also provides the other source of my readership.

Anyway let's get to it.....


In honor of Cairo...

10:29 -- The Mariners find a way out of it to hang on.

-- JJ is still struggling to spot the fastball. He just doesn't pitch regularly enough to be sharp with the pitch. Facing one guy yesterday, doesn't cut it.


10:14 -- It's time to cue some different music - that circus music. Cause that's what it's turning into. Balentien drops a sinking liner from Vernon Wells, who then moves up to second on JJ Putz's wild pitch. So the tying run is on second nobody out. And a single from Rod Barajas to bring up everybody's favorite former Mariner Brad Wilkerson.

JJ threw three very good fastballs to Wilkerson but home plate umpire Bob Davidson called them all balls, I guess he's consistent. JJ let out a word you shouldn't say after the last pitch missed.

10:11 -- I want everybody up on their feet singing: "PUT ME IN COACH, I'M READY TO PLAY, TODAAAAAYYY!!!!!!" That's right Miguel Cairo comes up with the squeeze bunt to score Willie Bloomquist from third. Mariners' baseball the Mojo's Risin'

Also the Mariners owe a debt of thanks to Jason Windsor, who couldn't throw a strike to three batters, all three of whom aren't afraid to take a hack at a pitch. He walks the bases loaded and leaves the mess for somebody else.

And since I didn't get to it earlier: it's not time for ....


Yes, he went yard again.

From Grant Clark's story in today's News Tribune...

It's gotten to the point where every time Jeff Clement steps to the plate, you think he's going to knock one out of Cheney Stadium.

Since the Seattle Mariners sent the catcher back to the Tacoma Rainiers, he's turned opposing pitchers in the Pacific Coast League into piñatas.

Clement powered the Rainiers to their third consecutive victory by smacking his 13th home run, helping Tacoma to a 10-7 win over Fresno on Sunday before a crowd of 6,078.

Clement went 2-for-4 with a double and a homer, to raise his average to a PCL best .370 and his PCL best slugging of .747. Coupled with his .492 On-base percentage thanks to 33 walks, he has an OPS of 1.238. You could combine three Mariners and not equal that.

He now has 16 doubles, 13 homers and 41 RBI.

9:53 -- I have a ton of reasons why Dickey should be in the bullpen, but something like tonight where he can come and in throw without any worry as to his rest is so big for the bullpen. Can you explain to me why it took so long to get him up here?

-- Well, that was the Mariners best chance to get a run, but Yuni pulls out one of those half-hearted swings at a pitch out of the zone that results in a grounder to short -- Who's seen that happen this season? And then Vidro swings at the first pitch and grounds out to short.

Oh and this interesting note from Mariners baseball information guru Jeff Evans, Kenji's sac bunt to move Cairo into scoring position was the first of his career with the Mariners. I will now jump out of the press box.

9:20 -- The official scorer calls that a hit for Vernon Wells, even though Yuni almost fell on his butt trying to field and then fired wildly to Richie to allow a gimpy Vernon Wells to make it to first. 2-2 game.

Personally, I was of the mindset that they should walk Wells with an open base at first and then take their chances with Barajas, who has no business batting that high in the order. But what do I know, I'm wearing cargo shorts.

9:05 -- The Mariners have 10 hits and two runs to show for it.

Mark Lowe with a solid outing, two batters faced - a walk and a single and nobody out.

8:28 --- Snydro you're preaching to the choir about this blog software being screwy. I have to wait like five minutes in between posts. And with my loss of short term memory from year's of bartending that's not good.

And Raul just drops a ball in left field, a routine ball. I can hear the sound of Mariners fans typing up yet another complaint about why Raul is out there in left.

I wish I had an answer for you.

8:15 --- The lead is trimmed to 2-1 as Lyle Overbay doubles to right and Kevin Mench scores all the way from first on the play with a little help from Richie's relay throw that bounced a half-dozen times from just past first base.

8:02 -- With Joh's single in the third, the Mariners now have seven hits in three innings. Look I know firing Pentland was supposed to help, but it couldn't have happened this fast.

7:21 --- Some guy named Griffey hit his 600th home run, I think he used to play for the Mariners. You can read it here.

7:11 -- Jose Vidro with a two-run homer? Maybe my jet lag is getting to me.



Ichiro CF -- Still hasn't gotten over .300 yet; is it time to be concerned?

Vidro DH -- Probably the best spot in the lineup for him, most people feel he should be put in other places.

Ibanez LF -- Still efficient. Still hitting.

Beltre 3B -- Admitted today he was embarrassed by his avg with runners in scoring position.

Lopez 2B -- You gotta hit him here. He's the only one consistently hitting the ball hard.

Reed RF -- He has had some good at-bats but not much to show for it.

Sexson 1B -- Game four of the open stance.

Johjima C -- He just turned 32 the other day. Wait I'm a year older than him? I don't have any gray hairs, but then again I don't catch Washburn once a week.

Betancourt SS -- Can you imagine Elia trying to explain the strikezone to him? I'd pay to see it.


Washburn P

Blue Jays

Alexi Rios RF -- He's turned into a pretty good player.

Matt Stairs DH -- He needs to grow the mullet out more.

Scott Rolen 3b -- Caution, he's breakable.

Vernon Wells CF -- Wells makes a lot of money for a guy who hasn't done much.

Rod Barajas C -- They have this guy hitting fifth?

Kevin Mench LF -- What? Where's Brad Wilkerson?

Lyle Overbay 1B -- The pride of Centralia, Washington

Marco Scutaro 2B -- Polo?

David Eckstein SS -- Can't help but like him. He's gritty and I'm taller than him too.


Jesse Litsch P -- Another one of the talented young pitchers the Jays have on staff.