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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Red Sox, June 8th (2-1 loss)

It's 98 degrees here, with like 90 percent humidity. says it feels like its 102 degrees here. There are certain benefits - women in sundresses, and certain downfalls - fat dudes pitting out and women in sundresses.


4:20 -- Mariners still can't seem to scratch across the tying run. And now Papelbon is in to short the door.

What are the odds of a Mariner comeback?

3:33 -- Well, Sean Green comes in for Bedard who makes it five innings, and promptly gives up a solo homer to JD Drew.

3:23 -- In two at-bats against Bedard, Pedroia has forced Bedard to throw 19 pitches, it takes a week's worth of at bats for Yuni to see 19 pitches.

2:48 -- Bedard gets out of the inning only allowing the one run, but he did throw 40 pitches in the inning, which means he won't be going much past the sixth. And I can hear Dave8557 throwing things right now in a fit of rage.

2:37 -- Bedard should have gotten a called third strike on Pedroia. That pitch was right there. And instead he walks him to bring up the hottest hitter on the Red Sox. But then again, it's CB Bucknor behind the plate, so you never really know what's going on with him. In 2003, he was voted as the worst umpire in baseball by a SI survey of players. There's even an on-line petition you can sign to have him fired.

And Bedard hits drew on the front forearm to tie the game. And that brings

And strike 3 to Manny, great curve on a 3-2 count by Bedard.

2:12 -- Not much going on here, so I guess now's a perfect time for ..............


From Grant Clark's story in today's Trib ...

Clement's first-inning home run in the opener, a three-run blast which sailed over the right-field wall and landed across the street a mere 20 yards shy of the Foss High tennis courts, helped the Rainiers to a five-run inning.

2:04 -- Mariners scratch across a run on a fielder's choice to take a 1-0 lead.

Clement is now hitting .366 with 12 homers and 38 RBI.

Bedard has looked pretty sharp thus far. Other than that, not much going on.

Today's lineup


Ichiro CF -- He has a chance to put his average over .300 for only the fifth day this season.

Lopez DH -- McLaren thinks he's the Mariners most legitimate all-star candidate. Ichiro will be their only all-star.

Ibanez LF -- Next weeks is father's day, I wonder if Bavasi will give him a first baseman's glove as a gift.

Beltre 3B -- He has 13 homers and only 28 RBI, I wonder if its an indictment of his inability to hit with runners in scoring position, or the Mariners lack of runners on when hits homers. It's like the chicken and the egg.

Reed RF -- Reed was the forgotten man a year ago, now he bats higher in the order than Sexson.

Sexson 1B -- They keep rolling him out there hoping he does something to increase his trade value. He

Betancourt SS -- Four walks in a season, you've got to be kidding me.

Burke C -- Not a day where I would enjoy wearing catchers' gear.

Bloomquist 2B -- Um, excuse me, Willie the field is that way.


Bedard P -- Bedard is French-Canadian word for Jamie Burke's personal pitcher.

Red Sox

Lugo SS -- he won't be winning any gold gloves this season.

Pedroia 2B -- Scrappy little hustler, R.A. Dickey likened him to little gnat at the plate.

Drew RF -- Could you imagine how good Drew would be if he actually liked baseball.

Ramirez DH -- Manny's head has to be hot right now with all those dreads.

Lowell 3B -- remember when people in Florida thought his career was over.

Youkilis 1B -- look out he's throwing his helmet, unlike Sexson it isn't at a pitcher.

Varitek C -- I'm not saying anything bad about Tek mainly because I'm afraid of him.

Crisp CF -- Apparently sometimes he gets the Jose Guillen crazy eyes.

Moss LF -- I wonder if his brother Randy will catch 20 touchdowns with the Patriots this season


Masterson P --- Not related to Bat Masterson, at least not that I know of.